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Woodmen - Life Insurance

Welcome to Woodmen

Welcome to Woodmen, a nonprofit, fraternal benefit society, committed to Woodmen members, their families and their communities. Woodmen offers a complete line of life insurance and annuity products, and fraternal benefits such as patriotic presentations, raising money for community projects, youth and senior camps, and a disaster relief partnership with the American Red Cross. Woodmen has been making a world of difference for more than 100 years.

Woodmen's Mission

  • To help ensure financial security for Woodmen members by providing quality products and exceptional service.
  • To foster fraternalism through family, civic, charitable and patriotic activities.
  • To achieve these results through superior teamwork and dedicated leadership.
  • To be mindful that Woodmen exist for the benefit of their members.

Woodmen Life Insurance ... Financial Security for Your Family if You Die

Most people purchase life insurance so that when they die, their families will be able to afford to go on living as they did before.

In 1998, Woodmen paid more than $91 million dollars in death benefits to the families and loved ones of Woodmen members who died. That money went to buy groceries, diapers, clothing; it kept families in their homes, sent children to college and helped to keep families from poverty after the primary breadwinners died.

Because people have such a wide variety of needs, goals and budgets, Woodmen recommend that you sit down and discuss your situation with a trained life insurance professional before purchasing life insurance. The product descriptions and planning tools available here will give you a thumbnail sketch of your options, but Woodmen believe that it is in your best interest as a consumer to thoroughly discuss those options with a field representative and perhaps your personal financial advisor.

Woodmen Permanent Life Insurance

Woodmen offers 2 types of permanent life insurance: Universal Life and Whole Life. Universal life products were designed to give you flexibility in terms of premiums and death benefits. With Woodmen's Adjustable Life and Flexible Life, you can choose between a level death benefit - which includes your accumulated cash value - and an increasing death benefit - which increases as the cash value grows, so the death proceeds include the full face amount and the accumulated cash value.

The level premiums of traditional Whole Life products give you more certainty when budgeting. You pay the same premium every month, quarter, period or year until it is paid-up or for as long as you keep the insurance in force.

Award for good health - Woodmen's Award250 Term Life

You were blessed with good health, but it took hard work and discipline to achieve your healthy lifestyle. You stay physically fit; your healthy habits keep your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure down and your only vice is that you enjoy the envy of your family and neighbors for this...

See how good, clean living can pay off...

Award250 term life insurance is designed with Woodmen's lowest rates for people who maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Low Rates with Guarantees

Depending upon your health, lifestyle and family history, you may qualify for Super Preferred or Preferred premium rates. Your premium rates are guaranteed for the first three years, then may increase, but you'll never pay more than the maximum rate guaranteed in your contract.

And depending upon your age and the product you choose, you may be able to convert to permanent life insurance or renew your term coverage without proving insurability.

Woodmen Youth Term Life to Age 25

Children will outgrow the clothes and - you hope - the music. But Youth Term life insurance coverage with Woodmen offers benefits that can last a lifetime.

Why buy life insurance on the life of a child?

Benefits of Youth Term

Life insurance coverage at very affordable rates

  • You can get $5,000 or $10,000 of life insurance coverage for your child or grandchild for just pennies a day.

Conversion privilege insures future insurability

  • Youth Term can be converted to a permanent life insurance plan without proving insurability. This benefit could prove to be very valuable if the child develops a health condition that makes him or her uninsurable in the future.

Fraternal Benefits

  • Summer Youth Camp (children ages 8-15) offers exciting outdoor adventures and activities
  • Youth lodge offers educational, recreational, social, cultural and service activities
  • Opportunities to make friends, become leaders and build self-esteem

Act Now

Get $5,000 or $10,000 of Youth Term life insurance coverage on your child for a year for just $24 or $48, plus fraternal dues. In New York and New Jersey, these rates do not apply; check with your field representative for rates in those states.




Woodmen Tower,
1700 Farnam Street,
NE 68102

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