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Woodmen Accident & Life - Life Insurance

Who Are Woodmen Accident & Life?


Thank you for your interest in the Woodmen Accident & Life Company. Let me tell you a little about Woodmen Accidnet & Life and their philosophy. Woodmen Accident and Life Company is a 110-year-old Company that is controlled by their policyholders. Woodmen Accident & Life are licensed for business in 30 states and their subsidiary, Assurity, is licensed in all states but New York.

Woodmen Accident & Life companies are dedicated to providing financial independence to American families. Life, including retirement, involves risk. Woodmen Accident & Lfie can’t eliminate risk, but they can reduce the prospect of being dependent on the government, on our children and on our relatives. Through financial planning anchored on insurance Woodmen Accident & Life know:

  • The cost of getting better won’t stop us from living the way we want to once we are well again.
  • When we die, those left behind won’t suffer for lack of money.
  • No matter how long we live, we won’t outlive our finances.

Shift your worries to the strong financial shoulders of Woodmen Accident and Life Company, or Woodmen Accident & Life subsidiary, Assurity Life Insurance Company. Woodmen Accident & Life are large enough to serve you but small enough to truly appreciate your business. Delivering dollars when you need them has been their business for more than 110 years. It has not changed.

Life is full of promise . . . and responsibility. From your wedding day to your child’s first year of college, to the day you retire, your responsibilities are constantly changing. Choosing the right form of life insurance to ensure your obligations and the security of your family is of the utmost importance. Whether you are married or single, male or female, working on a factory line or owning your own business, Woodmen has life insurance products designed to fit your changing needs.

Woodmen Accident & Life WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE

Whole life (permanent) insurance is a form of insurance that provides a benefit upon your (the insured’s) death. It is insurance designed to cover you for your lifetime. Your policy builds cash value, which can be used for things such as your child’s college education, business opportunities or retirement. Woodmen offers a variety of whole life products to fit your financial situation.

Advantage Life
This product is a participating whole life policy with level premiums and a level death benefit. It is available for consumers age 0-85 with a minimum face amount (death benefit) of $10,000. This is an excellent starter permanent policy with strong cash value build-up. With the addition of selected riders, this plan can be enhanced to generate even stronger cash values and death benefits.

Value Life
This product offers a guaranteed premium with a higher minimum face amount ($100,000), available for consumers age 0-85. This policy, with its lower premium design, is ideal for estate building and conservation, charitable giving and business purposes. Riders are available to enhance the value of the contract as well.

Simplified Whole Life
Woodmen recognize that not everyone needs or wants to buy insurance to create an estate for heirs. If your goal is simply to leave your family less burdened by the financial expenses associated with death such as funeral expenses, final medical charges, unpaid bills and other debts, then a simplified plan may be for you. This policy is available to applicants age 40 to 90 in face amounts from $5,000 to $25,000. There are just a few health questions and no physical exams required. Your premiums and your death benefit will be level for as long as the contract is kept in force.


Term insurance provides a benefit for a specified period of time; hence the word “term.” It is particularly well suited for individuals who need added coverage for only a certain number of years. With term insurance, there is no cash value that builds. It is strictly coverage in the event you die during the given term of the policy. Term products can be very low in premium compared to other policy types, particularly at younger ages. In choosing term for your coverage, you can be assured that Woodmen offers a variety of high quality permanent plans to which you may be able to convert before your term policy ends.

LifeScape® Term, for the seasons of life
Woodmen Accident & Life's LifeScape® Term plans have competitive premium rates that are guaranteed to remain level for the given term. Included with each policy is a no cost rider which extends the premium guarantee period to the greater of 10 years or the level premium period. The annually increasing term premiums following the level premium period are also guaranteed. Policies can be issued for the following ages:

  • 10 Year Term: Issue ages 18-70
  • 15 Year Term: Issue ages 18-65
  • 20 Year Term: Issue ages 18-60

So, whether you need coverage because of obligations like auto and college tuition loans, or because you have young children and want that extra coverage and security, a term product from Woodmen may be just right for you. Best of all, it can be converted to a permanent insurance plan from Woodmen available for conversion on any premium due date without submitting evidence of insurability. Some restrictions apply here, so talk to your Woodmen representative to find out more.


The LifeScapesm Universal Life policy is a flexible premium, adjustable benefit life insurance contract that builds cash value. This premium and benefit flexibility help you to stay insured, while recognizing that there may be times when the current premium doesn’t fit as nicely into your budget as it once did (for example, those years when you get to pay for college). On the other hand, you can also increase the premium in the future to build more cash value (for example, in preparing for retirement). A multitude of riders are available on Woodmen Accident & Life's Universal Life policy to make it an even more valuable tool in your plan of financial security.

To find out more about Wodomen's term, whole life and universal life products, contact your nearest representative.




P.O. Box 82288,
NE 68501-2288

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