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Western Reserve Life - Life Insurance

About Western Reserve Life


  • $76.9 billion of life insurance in force (as of 12/31/00)
  • Excellent ratings
  • A member of the AEGON Insurance Group
  • Member of IMSA

For over 40 years, Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio has been helping Americans achieve their dreams of financial security. Today, Western Reserve Life continue that tradition with the Freedom family of variable annuities and variable universal life insurance products. Here are some fast facts about Western Reserve Life, but to really learn more, let’s take a look back at how it all began.

Western Reserve Life History

Over 40 Years of Performance
From Western Reserve Life's humble beginnings in Cleveland to their spectacular growth across the nation, Western Reserve Life has a wonderful history of people, products, and performance. Come read the story of the Western Reserve Life company.

Excellent Ratings
Financial strength and claims paying ability ratings are important. They are evaluations of the likelihood that an insurer will be able to provide benefits as promised. Western Reserve Life has, yet again, received excellent ratings. To learn more about these ratings, visit their web site.

Western Reserve Life and IMSA
The Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) is a voluntary membership organization whose purpose is to promote high ethical standards in the sale of individual life insurance and annuities. Western Reserve Life became a member of IMSA in April of 1998 after undergoing stringent internal and independent assessments. Naturally, Western Reserve Life are quite proud of this designation.

Western Reserve Life has a proud history of innovative products and performance, outstanding ratings, and high ethical standards. Western Reserve Life are committed to continuing those traditions into the next millennium. If you’d like to learn more about what Western Reserve Life have to offer, please visit the Products area on their web site. Thanks for your interest in Western Reserve Life.

WRL Variable Universal Life Insurance

Think of the people and things that matter most to you. Your family. Your home. Your business. What will happen to them if you die? Unfortunately, many people are not adequately prepared should a tragedy strike.

Variable Universal Life insurance (VUL) can protect the important things in your life. Western Reserve Life’s variable universal life insurance products offer:

  • Life insurance coverage for a lifetime
  • Access to cash value
  • Flexible premium payment options
  • Tax advantages
  • Diverse, professionally managed investment portfolios to provide growth opportunity
  • Flexibility and control over the allocation of your net premiums
  • Policy riders to suit your individual insurance needs
  • A 10 day free look

Life Insurance Coverage for a Lifetime
You have hopes and dreams for the future. You may want to send your children to college. Or maybe you’d like to secure your business’ future. Perhaps you simply want to protect your family’s lifestyle. Life insurance offers a death benefit to help assure that those dreams come true - even if you’re not around. Furthermore, you are covered by this death benefit for your entire lifetime, provided that scheduled premiums payments are made. Joint survivorship policies offer life insurance protection throughout both spouses’ lifetimes.

Access to Cash Value
Life insurance offers many advantageous features besides the death benefit. Another useful feature is the policy owner’s ability to access the life insurance policy’s net surrender value through tax-free loans or withdrawals. This means that, as a policy owner, you can supplement your retirement income, pay for an unplanned expense, or even take a vacation…it’s up to you. Of course, both loans and withdrawals will reduce the cash value and death benefit and loans are subject to interest charges. If a policy lapses while a loan is outstanding, adverse tax consequences may result.

Flexible Premium Payment Options
WRL’s variable universal life insurance products offer exceptional premium-payment options. Payments can be increased or decreased. They can be made more or less frequently. And, payments can even be skipped or stopped altogether if policy values remain at sufficient levels. The policy won’t lapse as long as the net surrender value is high enough to keep the policy in force.

Tax Advantages
Because of the good life insurance does for society, life insurance has been granted certain tax advantages over other investment alternatives.

Tax-free death benefit
Taxes can dramatically reduce the amount of money left to your estate. Life insurance offers the advantage of allowing the death benefit to pass to your beneficiary(ies) income-tax free.

Tax-deferred earnings
Taxes are inevitable on most investments. However, it is possible and profitable to delay (defer) the taxes which might occur. Life insurance allows any growth…earnings and earnings on earnings…to accumulate without taxes becoming due during the year the growth occurs. If a gain is present, taxes become due at policy surrender or lapse and when certain distributions occur.

Tax-free loans
No taxes are due when you take out a policy loan. This allows you to take full advantage of your policy’s growth without taxes.

Tax-favored distributions
Subject to certain limits, tax-free cash distributions can be made.

Tax-free transfers
Values can be moved tax free among Sub-Accounts as often as the policy owner likes. Transfers to and from the Fixed Account are limited, but tax free.

Growth Opportunity
Western Reserve Life’s VUL products offer policy owners the opportunity to grow their cash value by investing in any combination of the 23 Sub-Accounts of the WRL Series Fund, Inc. Each Sub-Account is managed by an investment professional, the Portfolio Manager, who has been selected to pursue a specific financial objective based on his or her professional investing experience.

The Sub-Accounts within the WRL Series Fund, Inc. cover the investment spectrum, ranging from aggressive growth to capital preservation. This diversity of investment options provide WRL policy owners the opportunity to participate in many markets…from the growth potential of foreign equities to the relative safety of Treasuries. See the Investment Options section on the Western Reserve Life's web site for Sub-Account descriptions. Sub-Account values will fluctuate with market conditions and may be worth more or less than their original cost when redeemed.

Investment Strategies-Flexibility and Control
Control over your investments can create an opportunity to build substantial cash value.

Asset Allocation
WRL products provide you the flexibility to direct a portion of your premiums to Sub-Accounts that are suitable for your investment goal. And, if your investment objective changes, you can make changes in your investing activities. Transfers among Sub-Accounts or to the Fixed Account are limited, but tax free.

Asset Rebalancing
Asset rebalancing is the periodic act of changing your current investment mix to bring it back in line with your original asset allocation plan. You see, the cash value among your Sub-Accounts can fluctuate and grow at different rates of return. Over time, this could cause the percentages of your Sub-Account values to stray from your intended preferences. Asset rebalancing is an effective tool to help you maintain your desired Sub-Account allocations; however, this investment strategy does not guarantee gains or protect against losses.

Dollar Cost Averaging
Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy designed to reduce the average purchase price of Sub-Account units. The strategy works by spreading the allocation of your premiums into your Sub-Accounts over a period of time, thereby reducing your risk of investing most of your premiums at a point in time when Sub-Account prices are high. There is no guarantee, however, that dollar cost averaging will result in profit or protect against loss. You should consider your ability to continue the program through periods of low price levels.

Policy Riders to Suit Your Individual Insurance Needs
Every individual has unique insurance needs. Western Reserve Life offers their policy owners the option to add riders to a life insurance policy in order to suit those needs. Please discuss your unique financial situation with your financial advisor. Together, you can review your insurance needs and determine which WRL product and rider(s) may be appropriate for you. Riders and benefits have specific limitations and may not be available in all states. Please consult your financial advisor for details.

10 Day Free Look
Life insurance policy owners are given a 10 day free look to make sure that the policy purchased is the right one for them. This means that if you are not completely satisfied with your policy, for whatever reason, you may cancel within 10 days* and receive a refund of the value of your account or, in some states, your total premiums.




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