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United Investors Life - Life Insurance

About United Investors Life

United Investors Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the Torchmark Corporation and has been a thriving, successful company since its beginning in 1961. United Investors Life's record of growth reflects the increasing public acceptance of the products and services they offer.

One of the most important measures of growth is a company's total insurance in force. At United Investors, insurance in force is in excess of $21.5 billion, a 56% increase since 1990. In addition, the number of contracts in force has grown to over 275,000. Over 4,000 representatives market United Investors Life insurance and annuity products from coast to coast.

Before you purchase insurance or an annuity from any company, it is important to feel confident that the company can meet its obligations to you and your family when the need arises. United Investors has nearly $4.5 billion dollars in statutory assets.

Quality insurance and annuity plans, timely and accurate payment of claims and responsive policyholder services: these guiding principles have contributed to United Investors Life's growth. Steady growth and financial stability has enabled United Investors Life to maintain a leadership position in their industry.

United Investors Life - Products

United Investors Life - Term life insurance provides protection for a specified period of time. It is best purchased for short-term objectives such as for one, ten or twenty years. It can be the least expensive life insurance to purchase.

United Investors Life - Permanent life insurance with guarantees. With whole life, your cash value accumulates income tax-deferred and death benefits are generally income tax-free. This product is designed for those who have long-term protection needs and want the security of guaranteed death benefits and a guaranteed minimum cash value that can grow.

An innovative combination of insurance protection and investment opportunity. Variable universal life allows you to allocate the cash value of your contract into a variety of sub accounts that are linked to stock and bond portfolios. This gives you the opportunity to participate in debt and equity markets and also enjoy life insurance protection all under one umbrella. Variable universal life cash values continue to accumulate tax-deferred, which means every dollar is growing and compounding.

An annuity under which the amount of the contract's accumulated value and the amount of the periodic annuity payments fluctuate in accordance with the performance of the sub accounts chosen by the owner. It also provides a means to accumulate income on a tax-deferred basis.

An annuity for which the insurer guarantees to pay a specified rate of interest on the accumulated value (the net amount paid for the annuity plus interest earned, less the amount of any withdrawals or fees) for a specified period of time. It also provides a means to accumulate income on a tax-deferred basis.


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