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Union Central - Life Insurance

The Union Central Life Insurance Company

Union Central take great pride in their five-generation legacy of service to America's families and businesses. Founded in 1867 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Union Central is among the 15 largest mutual life insurance companies in the nation. The Union Central company is rooted in the traditional values of quality, integrity and financial soundness. Through their nationwide network of experienced, knowledgeable field representatives and broad portfolio of innovative products, Union Central provides Customized Financial Solutions – Person by Person.TM

Union Central has grown to be among the 15 largest mutual life insurance companies in the nation with over $5.6 billion in assets. Union Central are proud that they have been able to grow and remain strong in a competitive marketplace while adhering to traditional values of quality, integrity and financial soundness.

Union Central's product line includes individual life and disability insurance, annuities, investment products, group insurance and group retirement plans such as 401(k). This extensive array of products allows Union Central to offer you Customized Financial Solutions – Person by Person.TM

Ethical market conduct practices have always been an integral part of Union Central's mission statement and business practices. Union Central's membership in IMSA (Insurance Marketplace Standards Association) reinforces their commitment to providing their customers with high quality products and services.

Union Central - Understanding The Need For Family Protection

These are the years for building dreams-finding the right home for your family, providing an education for your children, creating a comfortable lifestyle you can all enjoy. You're making these dreams become reality, and your family needs you during these important years. What would happen to your dreams if you or your spouse were suddenly out of the picture? Have you accumulated the funds that would help your family continue on?

Probably not, if you are like many couples. They assume the life insurance they receive through work will replace their lost income. But it's estimated that families need five to ten times the annual income of both parents to continue normally. And whether it's you or your spouse who is left behind with the children, the same security needs continue. A sound financial plan takes everyone's needs into account.

Covering Your Mortgage
First and foremost is the roof over their heads. Do you want to make sure your spouse and children can continue to live in their home? Unfortunately, your long-term mortgage debt may be more than they can handle without your income. And this does not include the cost of repairs and upkeep the property will need to retain its value. Relocating to a different house or apartment could drastically alter your family's lives. Think about it. Would you want them to have any less than they have now?

Providing The Right Credentials
Of course you want your children to have the foundation for a promising future. In today's world that means a college education. Actually, many career fields and companies require advanced degrees before even considering job candidates. But could your children continue their studies beyond high school if your support suddenly halted? Would the money you've put aside for college be needed to meet other expenses?

Unfortunately, college costs are not expected to go down in the years ahead. Preparing to meet this expense is key to a financial plan that succeeds.

Protecting Their Lifestyle
If you are like most Americans, you depend on credit to make certain purchases that enhance your family's lifestyle. For example, you need to maintain safe and reliable transportation for your family. You want to enjoy vacations and take on other occasional expenses. In fact, the average household carries a credit card balance of more than $7,000 due to these expenses. Families may have car loans and other liabilities as well.

Would you want to pass on these responsibilities to your spouse and children? Would they need to sell off assets such as your home or car just to keep up with monthly payments? Without the financial resources to replace lost income, their lifestyle could change drastically.

Maintaining Your Family's Balance
As you know, a successful family depends on the balance of its routines. Each family member assumes responsibilities that make the family work. And today many rely on two incomes to keep on track with their financial goals. But if your family depends on only one parent's income, don't forget to add up what the other parent contributes. Would you be able to replace it?

Consider the cost of day care, or before and after school care, rides to soccer games and scout meetings. Who would keep your house in order and feed and nurture your loved ones while you are at work? You may have to pay for help in maintaining balance in your lives. A smart financial plan accounts for these routine needs.

A Vital Plan For The Future
Like your growing and evolving family, your financial plan must be a vital and changeable design for the future. It's not a document you create and stick in a drawer. You review it frequently to evaluate its relevance to your current needs. As your children grow and your lifestyle changes, so must your plan. If your life stops suddenly, your plan must carry your family forward.

One effective and reliable way you can cover your financial needs is through an appropriate life insurance policy. In fact, life insurance is a unique solution that provides a tax-free, lump-sum payment to beneficiaries in the amount you choose. Also important is the fact that life insurance is flexible in the way you can budget for it, and in the ways you can use it to meet certain expenses while you are living.

Other options you may want to consider in a comprehensive plan include annuities, mutual funds, IRAs or other retirement savings plans, and disability income insurance. A financial advisor or insurance professional can help you determine the right combination of financial solutions to meet your family's needs.

Why Leave The Future To Chance?
No one knows what the future holds. But through thoughtful financial planning, you can gain confidence that your family will be protected. Even if you haven't considered all your family's needs until now, it's not too late. Designing the right plan today can ensure that the dreams you've built will last.


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