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Southwestern Life - Life Insurance

About Southwestern Life

People with Answers
Part of the Southwestern Life Commitment is ensuring that when you have questions, they are the people you turn to for answers. The Southwestern Life Home Office Team is made up of highly qualified associates committed to serving you. If you have any questions contact your Southwestern Life representative.

Quality Products
Southwestern Life's product portfolio features Universal Life, Whole Life, Interest Sensitive Whole Life, Term Life and Annuities. They continually strive to update their product portfolio to maintain their competitive position in the marketplace and give you a variety of top-quality options that meet your needs and budget.

Product Distribution
With operations in 41 states and the District of Columbia, Southwestern Life's field force totals over 8,000 professional agents. These men and women are insurance professionals committed to providing quality products and excellent service.

History of Excellence
Strength, stability, and a commitment to excellence and innovation have been the objectives of Southwestern Life Insurance Company since the company was founded in 1903. For nearly a century, they have earned the respect and trust of over 265,000 policyholders and expanded their field force to over 8,000 professional agents.

Southwestern Life - Life Insurance Products

Universial Life Insurance

Universal Life (or "UL") is a flexible-premium, adjustable death benefit life insurance product. With Southwestern Life's UL products, you have the freedom to choose, within policy guidelines, the timing and amount of your premium payments and your level of life insurance protection. Southwestern Life's UL Products let you decide how to structure your policy's payment and benefits:

• Vary your premium payments
• Change the face amount and death benefits of your policy
• Extend the maturity date on your policy
• Withdraw cash from your policy when you need it, provided policy value is sufficient.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is a popular, low-cost option that can be tailored to a variety of insurance needs, for yourself, your family, and your business.

For your family, you might purchase term life for protection until a home mortgage is paid, while your children are in school, or to provide financial assistance after the death of a wage earner.

As a business owner, you could use term insurance to provide short-term coverage before your retirement or in a buy-sell agreement. In addition, Southwestern Life's premium discount and rider options allow you to further customize your Term Life coverage to fit your individual needs.

Whole Life Insurance

Southwestern Life's Whole Life Insurance offers permanent life insurance protection, fixed premiums which cannot be changed during the life of the policy and full payment of benefits upon the death of the insured. Your policy will also build a cash value and allow you to make policy loans against those cash values.

Pay your premiums by monthly bank draft. Direct quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments are also available. Your premium payments are guaranteed to remain level and will not change as you age.

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