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Security Life - Life Insurance

About ING Security Life

Security Life of Denver Insurance Company is more than strong financial figures, high industry ratings, and competitive life insurance products. Security Life are a company of long-term relationships. Security Life value their relationships with independent producers and with Security Life policyowners, because Security Life understand that the success of their clients leads to Security Life's own success.

ING Security Life was founded in 1928 and has always maintained a strong commitment to client relationships. Twenty years ago, Security Life became one of the first insurance companies to target high net-worth individuals and companies, focusing on the following areas:

  • retirement planning
  • wealth transfer
  • business continuation
  • executive benefits.

Security Life insurance products are designed to provide innovative solutions that address the concerns of business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs and the affluent in their key markets.

You can take comfort in ING Security Life's consistently high industry ratings and Security Life's financial strength. Security Life are a proud member of ING Group, one of the world's largest financial services organizations. ING operates in nearly 60 countries and employs more than 80,000 people. ING (listed on the New York Stock Exchange) reported total net income in excess of $31 billion in 1997.

On June 13, 1997, ING took a major step toward its expansion in North America and globally when the symbol of The ING Lion joined the bull and bear on Wall Street. The NYSE listing was a milestone attained after two years of extensive preparation; it will increase ING's visibility in North America across a much broader audience and will be the key to expansion worldwide.

Security Life - Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need life insurance?
The ability to earn an income can be considered your family's most valuable asset because your income allows you to obtain other assets, particularly the necessities of life and, of course, the creature comforts. However, as you know, the ability to earn an income is not guaranteed. Yet, the need for income may continue for those who were financially dependent upon you. Consequently, your need for life insurance and the amount will depend upon your personal and financial circumstances

What if I already have life insurance coverage?
Even if you have life insurance, your children will grow older, you will change employers and you will prepare for retirement, your need for life insurance changes. Therefore, you should review your life insurance needs every few years.

What is term insurance?
Term insurance typically provides coverage for a specified period such as 1, 5, or 10 years. A death benefit is only paid if the insured dies within the contract duration. Term insurance does not build cash value.

What is fixed premium whole life insurance?
Fixed premium whole life is the most traditional type of permanent life insurance. The premium and coverage amounts are fixed and remain level throughout the life of the insured. Typically premiums are paid for the insured's lifetime. The policy, over time, builds cash value, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as funding future premium payments or providing supplemental retirement income.

What is flexible premium universal life insurance?
Typically referred to as universal life, these products allow for both flexible premiums and death benefits. The premium and death benefit are tied to a minimum and maximum, but allow the policyowner to "adjust" his or her policy as their insurance needs change. The policy, over time, builds cash value, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as funding future premium payments or providing supplemental retirement income.

What is flexible premium variable universal life insurance?
These products are a combination of universal life, with flexible premiums and death benefit, and investment options. A portion of the premium pays for the death benefit and the remaining portion is invested in policyowner directed investments. Because the policyowner assumes investment risk with this type of policy, these products are considered to be securities. In the United States, variable universal life products must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and only agents who have passed a National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) examination and who are variable life licensed with the appropriate state may sell these products.

What is survivorship life?
Survivorship life, also known as second-to-die insurance is insurance on two lives that pays the death benefit at the death of the second insured. Typically this is used by a husband and wife in estate planning, but it has other business and individual uses.

What is estate planning?
Estate planning is financial planning to preserve estate assets after the death of an individual and provide for the transfer of those assets in accordance to the decedents goals and objectives. Life insurance, if properly structured, can be used to pay estate taxes, protect an on-going business, and replace assets given to charity.

What is wealth transfer?
Life insurance can be used to protect the assets in an estate. Life insurance death benefit proceeds can be used to cover final expenses, including taxes, without the executor having to sell off capital assets. Life insurance proceeds can also be used as a gift to a favored charity.

What is business continuation?
Business continuation is a concept that may use life insurance to protect the existence of a public corporation or a closely held nonpublic business when an owner dies. A buy-sell agreement, which provides for the disposition of a business when an owner retires or dies, and key employee coverage, which can provide liquidity if a key person is lost, are also concepts used in business continuation.

What is executive benefit planning?
This is a concept that uses life insurance to enhance executive's retirement benefits. Most executives are faced with limitations on their qualified (pre-tax) retirement plans. The use of nonqualified (after-tax) plans improves a business' ability to recruit and retain key executives by providing a method of supplementing retirement benefits without the limits that are placed on qualified plans.

What is retirement planning?
This involves financial planning to provide the resources to fund a comfortable, financially secure retirement. The cash values of a properly structured life insurance policy are often used to supplement retirement benefits.


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