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Presidential Life Insurance Company -
Life Insurance

About Presidential Life Insurance Company

Presidential Life Insurance Company are located on the west bank of the scenic Hudson River in Nyack, New York, is a leading provider of fixed deferred and immediate annuities and life insurance products to financial service professionals and their clients across the United States. Presidential Life is headed today by Herb Kurz who, with $2.8 million of capital raised among a handful of private investors, founded the company in 1965. Heading a seasoned senior management team, he still remains the driving force behind the company's steady growth and expanding national presence.

Herb has served as Chairman of the Presidential Life Insurance Company Board of Directors for more than 30 years. During this time he has built Presidential Life around a core set of values that he summarizes as "the three Ps": people, product and patience.

His approach has always been to see the development, marketing and sale of Presidential Life products in terms of the people involved in the process. In this context, everyone must benefit: not just the company, but also the financial service professionals marketing our products and especially their clients who are using our products and relying on Presidential Life to help them achieve personal financial security. Presidential Life Insurance Company pride themselves on the fact that their service to financial service professionals and their clients is among the best.

It is also a matter of pride that their products offer a consumer substantial value for the premiums he or she pays. A testament to this is that their life insurance premiums and immediate annuity payouts are always competitive, and their deferred annuity current and renewal rate history is among the best in the country.

Commitment to people, to service and consumer satisfaction, in tandem with patient, competent management, brings the most prized reward of all: financial stability and fiscal soundness. Only with this solid foundation can client expectations be realized. Only with this foundation can a company grow in an ever-changing marketplace. And grow they have.

From a local company situated in a small storefront selling life insurance and annuity policies in the few counties surrounding it, Presidential Life has grown into a nationally-based company doing business in 48 states and the District of Columbia. From a handful of agents, the company's field force has grown to include more than 10,000 financial services professionals who are served by a network of national sales directors and an ever-expanding staff of Home Office employees dedicated to helping to support their sales and service efforts.

Presidential Life, the place to find financial strength, fair and ethical treatment, and a long-standing dedication to serving your needs.

Presidential Life Insurance Company - Life Insurance Products


One of the easiest ways to guarantee your family's financial security in the event of premature death is through the purchase of an adequate amount of life insurance. Whether your need for protection is relatively short-term (up to 20 years) or permanent, whether you want to purchase a policy with fixed premiums and policy guarantees or one that offers you more flexibility to manage your family financial security planning, Presidential Life has a competitively-priced plan to help you meet your goals.

• Level Premium Term
• Whole Life
• Universal Life
• Single Premium Whole Life


When your need for life insurance protection is short-term (up to 20 years), the right product to meet your need is one of Presidential Life's level premium term insurance plans. Our 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-year level premium plans are not only competitively priced, but the level premium feature in all of them makes premiums easy to budget each year.

• Level Premium Term


When you need flexibility in your life insurance protection planning, Presidential Life's universal life insurance plan is just right for you. Presidential's universal life policy is one of the most flexible on the market today. With a single policy, you gain the potential to manage the level of death benefit protection you carry over your lifetime, how much and when you pay premiums for your coverage, and how much or how little cash value accumulates in your policy.

• Universal Life


The premature loss of a family wage earner often means not just the loss of a regular paycheck, but also the loss of the family home. This further tragedy is avoidable with some basic family security planning, a part of which is to make sure that a home mortgage can be paid off. A cost-efficient and effective way to do this is with Presidential Life's decreasing term insurance mortgage protection plan. Not only can our plan be designed to pay off your outstanding principal balance during your mortgage term, but premiums remain level over the life of the policy to keep them manageable.

• Mortgage Protection Decreasing Term


Many people are shocked when they learn that a substantial portion of the wealth they've worked perhaps 30 or 40 years to accumulate can be taken back by the federal and state governments in the form of estate or inheritance taxes at death. Worse yet, some assets including cash value accumulated in annuities, IRAs, tax-sheltered annuities, 401(k) or other qualified pension and profit sharing plans - are subject not only to substantial death taxes, but also to income taxation in the hands of heirs. One way to avoid this double taxation on assets earmarked for heirs is to pay the income tax now and use the cash, net of taxes, to purchase life insurance to replace it. The result of this strategy is that, with proper planning, heirs can receive more money - income, estate and inheritance tax-free - than if the assets had been kept intact and transferred at death.

• Whole Life
• Universal Life
• Single Premium Whole Life


Unfortunately, many people find that just when they most clearly realize they need life insurance and want to purchase it, they are unable to do so because of their medical histories. While it may be too late to purchase any coverage from many companies, Presidential Life can help. Presidential's guaranteed issue Graded Benefit (whole) Life plan is specifically designed for individuals who are either uninsurable or who are so highly rated for life insurance that the cost is prohibitive. There are no medical questions, no medical tests and no medical examinations. Some short-term restrictions on death protection do apply.

• Graded Benefit (whole) Life

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