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Pioneer Mutual Life - Life Insurance

About Pioneer Mutual Life

For more than a century, Pioneer Mutual Life has been helping people through rough spots on their journey through life. The mission of PML is to conduct business with integrity and to provide high-quality insurance and financial services products that satisfy customer needs in selected markets.
It is the intention of Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Company to invest premium income, interest income, and other sources of cash through various investments in sufficient amounts to fund the company's benefit payment responsibilities. The investments purchased are expected to be high quality investments diversified as to type of security and type of credit with emphasis on safety and liquidity. Pioneer Mutual abides by all statutory and/or regulatory rules or guidelines as they pertain to the invested assets of life insurance companies.

Pioneer Mutual Life - Products for Your Journey

Pioneer Mutual Life offers you a complete range of products—Universal Life, Payroll Deduction Universal Life, Term, Interest Sensitive Whole Life, Single Premium Life 2, Deferred Annuities and Immediate Annuities.

Change is a natural and accepted part of life. As lifestyles change, so do your needs for life insurance. This is the beauty of Pioneer Mutual's Universal Life product, Optimum Plus, and one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of Universal Life among customers of all ages.

Universal Life offers flexibility so you can build for the future while providing current interest savings and tax benefits. Policy loans and partial withdrawals are also available. An Optimum Plus Universal Life policy can service many needs in both the personal and business insurance markets. (This product is not available in Texas.)

Payroll Deduction Universal Life is a winning combination for employers and employees. An increasing number of companies are recognizing the value of payroll deduction programs as a way to enhance their employees' benefits packages. These programs are paid for by the employees through the convenience of payroll deduction. Pioneer Mutual's Payroll Deduction Universal Life policy provides employees with valuable insurance protection while satisfying the financial concerns of employers in providing a broad spectrum of benefits. (This product is not available in Texas.)

Term insurance is just what the name implies—life insurance coverage for a specific amount of time or term, usually one, five, 10, 15, or 20 years. Initially, term insurance premiums are lower than those for a permanent policy such as whole life. You can buy high levels of protection at a low cost at a time when your needs are simple.

Term insurance provides a basic death benefit to your beneficiary. As your personal situation changes, a term insurance policy can easily be converted to permanent insurance. Many people use term insurance to cover mortgages, short-term debt, or buy-sell agreements, or to provide a large amount of insurance for a low dollar amount.

For a growing number of people, the ideal life insurance product offers traditional guarantees of whole life plus interest-sensitive cash accumulations. Pioneer Mutual's Interest-Sensitive products offer some distinct advantages:

  • They provide a guaranteed death benefit through insurance.
  • They allow for a living benefit through the tax-deferred accumulation of cash values.

Single Premium Life 2 (SPL2) provides the protection of a guaranteed death benefit through insurance while providing a living benefit through tax-deferred accumulation of the policy fund.

Pioneer Mutual's Deferred Annuities are ideal if you're looking for a worry-free investment opportunity. Deferred Annuities are an excellent savings vehicle if you wish to accumulate capital at favorable interest rates with a guaranteed minimum.

Deferred Annuity plans offer tax-deferred earnings until withdrawal, guaranteed safety of premiums, and a high level of flexibility. They are excellent tools to use for Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and retirement plans. Deferred Annuities do not require management by you, thereby eliminating any uncertainty about renewals or reinvestment.

Single Premium Immediate Annuities are ideal for clients who want a fixed-income payment. Pioneer Mutual offers a wide variety of choices regarding plan payout periods.



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