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Physicians Life - Life Insurance

About Physicians Life - Life Insurance

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Physicians Mutual was established in 1902 to serve the health insurance needs of physicians, surgeons, and dentists... and was one of the first to pioneer selling insurance by mail. Today, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company -- and its wholly owned subsidiary, Physicians Life Insurance Company -- provide a wide range of health and life insurance protection, plus tax-deferred annuities to policyowners in all walks of life ... all across the country.

Physicians Mutual conservatively manages its balance sheet and is firmly committed to a strategy of maintaining its financial strength and stability (assets exceed $1 billion).

Physicians Life was formed in 1970 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Physicians Mutual Insurance Company. Today, Physicians Life provides nearly $2.5 billion in life insurance protection for people all across the country. Life Insurance products available through Physicians Life Insurance Company include Juvenile Life, Endowments, Whole Life, Modified Whole Life and Term Life Policies.

The Companies take pride in the high ratings they consistently receive for financial strength from A.M. Best Company and Weiss Research ... as well as the high ratings they receive for claims paying ability from Standard & Poor's.

Physicians Life Insurance Products: A General Overview

Juvenile Life Insurance - Affords parents, grandparents or guardians the opportunity to begin a valuable nest egg for children, while providing permanent life insurance protection. Available for children over 14 days old and under 13 years of age. At age 21 coverage automatically doubles, and the child becomes the owner of the policy.

Endowment - This is an insurance contract that guarantees you a benefit amount equal to the face amount of the policy ... no matter if the insured lives to the end of the policy's term, or dies during the term.

Term Insurance - As the name implies, this is temporary insurance protection purchased for a specific period of time ... such as ten years. Term coverage offers you relatively low premiums and is often regarded as pure insurance protection, because all you're buying is insurance, pure and simple. There are no tax-exempt earnings and no accumulation of cash values with Term Insurance.

Whole Life - This is considered lifelong or permanent insurance protection. Whole life rates are generally higher than term insurance, because part of your insurance premium is being invested on your policy's behalf. In other words, in addition to insurance protection, you also benefit from a build-up of cash value, plus earnings that are currently tax-exempt while the policy is in force.

Modified Whole Life - This is whole life insurance that is modified (adjusted) in one of two ways. Either changing the amount of the premium, or changing the amount payable as a death benefit.

Please note that Physicians products are not available in all states or outside of the United States. Please contact Physicians for specific details.



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