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Pharmacists Mutual - Life Insurance

About Pharmacists Mutual Companies

The year was 1898 when a young man named Albert Falkenhainer moved west to Titonka, Iowa, to open the town's first business: a drug store. Four years later when that store was destroyed by fire, he learned firsthand about the often painful experiences encountered by druggists seeking insurance: difficulties with loss settlements, poor service, and excessive premiums.

Falkenhainer did rebuild his drug store; and during the process, another new business was born. He obtained a mutual insurance company charter in 1909 and began offering policies to pharmacists that same year. Falkenhainer's philosophy was simple, yet powerful: Be the best at serving your customers. From its earliest days, Druggists Mutual Insurance Company was dedicated to the pharmacy profession and the "mutual" concept.

Since its beginning, Druggists Mutual Insurance, has had a unique understanding of druggists insurance and financial needs. The name changed in 1992 to Pharmacists Mutual but the company continues to evolve with the changing needs of todays pharmacists.

Practicing pharmacists serve on the Board of Directors. Pharmacists Mutual on-staff pharmacist/attorney stays in touch with current legislation and litigation trends that affect you. Pharmacists Mutual field representatives serve as your link to the company and have years of experience with your profession.

Pharmacists Mutual is also very active in support of pharmacy. Pharmacists Mutual take pride in supporting state pharmacy associations, College of Pharmacy scholarship programs, awards for outstanding scholastic achievement, the pharmaceutical industry through their Foundation, and providing help for alcohol and drug abuse programs, and research.

Pharmacists Mutual Companies are committed to pharmacy--your profession! Pharmacists Mutual's commitment to quality and outstanding service for your professional, business, and personal insurance coverage shows that they know excellent value is essential. Pharmacists Mutual competitive rates and dividend payments to policyholders each year since 1909 show Pharmacists Mutual share your concern about cost control.

Pharmacists Life Insurance Company

Whole Life
Lifetime protection plus guaranteed cash value growth.

Twelve Pay Whole Life
Whole life insurance paid up in twelve years. Cash values accumulate at a faster rate than traditional whole life.

RX Preferred Term
Level term death benefit with ten(10), twenty(20), and thirty(30) year level rate guarantees.

Term 4 Life
"Termanent"TM life insurance coverage that allows you to have permanent insurance to age 99 at gradually increasing term rates.

Flex ART
Annual Renewable Term insurance wich can be written as level death benefit or decreasing which reduces to fit your mortgage.

Flexible Annuity Plans
Flexible annuities for IRAs, TSAs, or Simple IRAs, or as tax-deferred plans. Deposits can be either a single payment or a flex payment. Low minimum payment requirements.

Juvenile Whole Life
For a one-time only premium, you can purchase from $10,000 and up of whole life insurance that protects your child for a lifetime. You'll also be providing your child with cash values for future education or other needs.

RXtraordinary Life
Life insurance for last expenses and to supplement existing coverage or to insure hard to place risks.

  • No doctors statements
  • No medical examinations
  • No blood or urine specimens
  • Simplified underwriting
  • Guaranteed premiums and death benefits
  • Issue ages 40-85*
  • Increasing death benefits
  • Whole life insurance payable to age 100.
  • Graded death benefit first 2 years = 45% of ultimate face amount; ultimate face amount payable 3rd and subsequent years.
  • Ultimate face amount payable all years for accidental death.


  • Minimum face amount -- $5,000
  • Maximum face amount -- $30,000
  • Issue ages* -- 40-85
  • Policy Fee -- $57
  • Premium Classifications: non-nicotine use, nicotine use

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