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Penn Mutual - Life Insurance

Penn Mutual - Celebrating a Rich Past and a Promising Future

  • 1847 Penn Mutual founded, chartered, and in business.
  • 1848 First death claim paid on October 20 -- $4,963.33 on the life of William B. Cooper.
  • 1851 The company appoints the first traveling agent, Rodolphus Kent.
  • 1872 John W. Hornor, founder of Penn Mutual, retires.
  • 1888 Penn Mutual issues its first annuities.
  • 1909 Penn Mutual's assets pass the $100 million mark.
  • 1920 Penn Mutual's insurance in force reaches $1 billion.
  • 1932 Penn Mutual issues its first retirement income policy.
  • 1943 Assets pass the billion dollar mark.
  • 1968 More than a million Penn Mutual policies and master group contracts are in force.
  • 1969 Penn Mutual Equity Services is formed to act as a broker/dealer for Penn Mutual registered products. (This subsidiary is now called Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc.)
  • 1972 Penn Mutual insurance in force reaches $10 billion.
  • 1980 The Penn Insurance and Annuity Company, a wholly-owned stock insurance subsidiary, is incorporated.
  • 1982 Penn Mutual is the first eastern mutual life insurance company to offer universal life insurance. Penn Mutual acquires Janney Montgomery Scott, Inc., a stock brokerage firm.
  • 1986 The Customer Service Department is the first to move to a new home in Horsham, Pa., followed by the rest of the home office by 1990.
  • 1987 A single premium variable life product is introduced.
  • 1991 The company acquires The Pennsylvania Trust Company, an investment management company.
  • 1992 Life insurance in force reaches $30 billion.
  • 1996 Penn Mutual surpasses the $1 billion mark in variable life and annuity assets.
  • 1997 Penn Mutual observes its Sesquicentennial anniversary and establishes a trust at The American College in celebration of its 150 years.
  • 2000 Penn Mutual establishes the first named professorship at The American College in honor of Charles E. Drimal, a revered Penn Mutual general agent.

Penn Mutual - A Competitive Product Portfolio

Penn Mutual provides Life Insurance and Annuities, which can play an important part in your financial plan. Once you have a basic understanding of the general types of life insurance products and annuities that are available, use this section to compare and find out the specific details on each of Penn Mutual's offerings.

Variable Universal Life

Variable Universal Life Insurance provides an adjustable death benefit and flexible premiums, provided that there is sufficient cash value to cover all policy charges and expenses each year. Cash values are based on the performance of separate subaccount investments held in the policy (and not on current interest rates.) Your policy's earning potential is linked to the investment performance of these sub-accounts. Investment return and principal value of the sub-accounts will vary so that you may have a gain or a loss of cash value at redemption.

Cornerstone VUL IV
Provides permanent life insurance protection. It is the life insurance element that empowers this product to offer the potential of tax-deferred investment growth. Protection, flexibility and investment choices-all in one product.

Variable EstateMax II
Variable EstateMax II is a Survivorship Life Insurance policy. Survivorship Life, also called Second-to-Die Insurance, is coverage provided for two people, under one contact--usually spouses. Survivorship life insurance is one way to protect your estate from a substantial tax burden. The death benefit is paid to the named beneficiary at the death of the second insured.
Variable EstateMax II allows you to combine protection, flexibility, and growth potential into one estate planning tool. You control where your premium dollars are allocated. The cash value in your policy is based on the performance of separate subaccount investments held in the policy (and not on current interest rates)-helps you to build a program to suit your investing comfort level and current financial objectives.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance provides permanent protection with flexible premiums and cash value accumulations based on current interest rates.

Keystone UL
Keystone UL can change as your needs change throughout your life. The policy provides death benefit protection at competitive costs while offering both built-in premium and death benefit flexibility, and is used when death benefit protection is a primary consideration.

Independence Builder III
Independence Builder III helps give you control over your financial future. It provides a Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Policy which provides permanent protection and cash value accumulation at current interest rates. The policy can be used when cash accumulation is your primary need.

EstateMax is a Survivorship Life Insurance Policy. Survivorship Life, also called Second-to-Die Insurance, is coverage provided for two people, usually spouses, under one contract. Survivorship life insurance provides an economical way to protect your estate from a substantial tax burden. The death benefit is paid to the named beneficiary at the death of the second, or surviving insured. EstateMax combines the flexibility of universal life with the economy of a survivorship policy. The policy provides you with the security of a competitive, fixed interest rate, so you can feel confident in knowing that your estate will be protected.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance provides a level death benefit at a guaranteed level premium. It offers guaranteed cash values and the potential to participate in company surplus earnings in the form of dividends.

Offers level premiums for the life of your policy. Your premiums will never increase, your death benefit is guaranteed, and your policy systematically builds cash value.

Lifewise Plus
Gives you the life insurance protection you want and the flexibility you need. LifeWise Plus allows you to customize your policy by combining term insurance (through the Supplemental Protection Rider) and permanent insurance in one policy. You can mix and match them to fit your budget.

Term Life

Term insurance is designed for individuals with a temporary need for coverage. It pays a benefit only if you die while the policy is in force. This basic form of insurance offers the most initial protection for the least amount of premium.

PennChoice 10, 15, 20 Year Level Premium Term Insurance
PennChoice give you real purchasing power when you need a sizable amount of coverage without the higher premiums normally associated with a permanent insurance policy.



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