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Pekin Insurance - Life Insurance

Pekin Insurance - History told...

In 1921 with one part-time secretary and 187 policies, Pekin Insurance made its modest entrance into the arena of the insurance industry. By 1939, the Company had 20,000 policies in effect, followed with 30,000 by 1945. Fire insurance was added to auto insurance as a new coverage line in 1952 and the Home Office had grown from a small, donated office space to a four-story building.

Pekin Insurance Company was formed as a companion to the original Farmers Auto in 1961. General liability and workers compensation coverages were also added at that time. During the next four years, the Company continued to grow with the formation of "PAC," a premium finance company, and Pekin Life Insurance Company. As a result of this growth, the name "Pekin Insurance" was adopted to cover the entire range of Company activity.

While the Company coverages expanded over the years, the office space for this growth also expanded. Today, the Home Office is located on a 30-acre site, containing 124,000 square feet of floor space. The Company that began serving one county in Illinois now serves four states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and boasts almost 368,000 policyholders. The modest beginning as a small automobile insurance company to the present day group of Companies offering Full Circle Service with complete coverages for most insurance needs is a testimony to the strength, stability, and forward-looking philosophy represented by the name, Pekin Insurance.

As Pekin Insurance look toward the future and the inevitable changes it will bring, one thing remains the same for Pekin Insurance - the principle of protection and service to Pekin Insurance policyholders.

Pekin Insurance - Mission Statement

The Pekin Insurance Group's vision is to market quality multi-line insurance products and services through their independent agencies to policyholders at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining profitable growth that will assure perpetuation of Pekin Insurance Companies.

Pekin Insurance's purpose is to develop and market a full line of property/casualty, life, annuity, and health products to their independent agencies; thereby increasing Pekin Insurance's market share and consistently improving their performance.


  • Maintain their unquestioned business ethics and integrity.
  • Set the standard for excellence in service to Pekin Insurance agencies and policyholders.
  • Cultivate personal relationships with their agents.
  • Provide challenging opportunities for Pekin Insurance employees.
  • Provide a financially strong and stable operation.

Pekin Insurance - Life and Health

  • Universal Life
  • Interest-Sensitive Life
  • Whole Life
  • LifeGuard Worksite Marketing Program
  • Second-to-Die
  • Term Insurance
  • Roth IRA Annuity
  • Flexible Premium Annuity
  • Single Premium Annuity
  • Index Annuity
  • Health and Major Medical
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Short Term Medical Expense
  • Disability
  • Credit Insurance
  • Group Life and Health
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • "Pre-Need" Life Insurance



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