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Pan-American - Life Insurance

About Pan-American

History Pan-American is an international financial services company that has grown steadily in size, reserves, and reputation since it was founded in 1911.

Currently, Pan-American is licensed in 42 states and the District of Columbia (DC), as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Its international operations include affiliates in Panama, Guatemala and Colombia, and branch offices in Ecuador, El Salvador and Honduras.

• Providing employers with financial solutions for their employees
• Helping individuals secure financial futures
• Delivering "peace of mind"

Pan-American is a strong, solid, and profitable company. With its high ratio of surplus to assets and sound diversification of assets, Pan-American is financially stronger now than at any other time in its 88-year history

• $2.2 billion in assets
• $243 million surplus (net worth)

Pan-American's ratio of surplus to assets is 11 percent, which is more than four times the minimum surplus level defined by National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

But Pan-American know that history isn't enough. That is why they are committed to merging this history with a new vision for the future. They have moved from a financial services company to a personal and financial performance company - a company that understands that they must keep their word so you can keep yours. Every day. With every interaction. Their job doesn't stop with excellent financial performance.

Pan-American Life Insurance Products

Insure4u Term portfolio:

Pan American term policies feature affordable, guaranteed rates and a conversion credit of up to 100% of premiums paid when switching to universal or whole life. Term polices are available in three product classes: 10-year level term, 20-year level term, and 20-year level term with a 10-year guarantee.

The Insure4u Universal Life portfolio:

Pan American Universal Life Portfolio includes seven unique plans, each with competitive pricing, easy-to-understand coverage and tax-deferred cash accumulation. There are no medical requirements for policies of $100,000 or less up to age 50, and five competitive underwriting classes that reward healthy lifestyles.

According to Advisor Today journal, Pan-American's actual historical performance among leading universal life policies was ranked #1 in ten-year values.

Pan American also offer unique policy provisions that could provide tax-free distributions during retirement: extended coverage beyond age 100 that ensures that the policy matures as a death benefit; fully paid-up, reduced coverage which avoids taxes that may be triggered upon lapse; and wash loans which allow for higher non-taxed income flow. Additional Features:

• The Professional Plan -- combining Universal Life & Disability Insurance and creating a 10-pay plan with tax-free retirement benefits.
• Deductible Salary Continuation -- providing non-qualified salary continuation with tax deduction.
• Reverse Split Dollar -- moving retained earnings out of "C" Corp with no additional tax liability.
• 1035 Loan Rescue -- eliminating policy loans with no adverse tax consequences.
• Social Security income replacement

Insure4u Disability Insurance Portfolio:

The Pan-American Disability Insurance Portfolio provides coverage in the event of a total or partial disability, replacing lost income or covering business overhead expenses. The coverage can guarantee future premium payments and has a simple definition of disability.

Pan-American offers a unique Return of Premium rider which can return up to 80% of paid premiums if no claims are made over a ten-year period. This return can be taken in cash or applied to continuing coverage.

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