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Pacific Guardian - Life Insurance

About Pacific Guardian

Pacific Guardian is the largest life and health insurance company in Hawaii with markets in 20 western states, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas. Pacific Guardian family of services offers a full range of solutions for life insurance, employee benefits, and worksite marketing.

Pacific Guardian's humble beginnings in Honolulu back in 1961 had a simple enough intent: To invest money earned by the people of Hawaii for their benefit, while allowing them close proximity to their investments. This philosophy has not changed much over the years, though market expansion has meant a more sophisticated approach to business operations. Even as Pacific Guardian have grown and matured, they have never lost sight of their goals nor faith in the ideals of Pacific Guardian Company philosophy, "Sharing Our Life with Yours."

Pacific Guardian holds an "A" (Excellent) rating (3rd highest out of 14) from the A.M. Best Company. Please click on the A.M. Best icon on this page to view the Best's Company Report for Pacific Guardian Life.

Do I need Life Insurance?

We all want our loved ones to live happy, secure lives. But who will provide for them when you no longer can?

Through life insurance, you can remove that worry. With the right policies, you will receive peace of mind - and a whole lot more. Getting life insurance is a practical means of providing financial security for your family. When life takes an unexpected turn, your loved ones can continue living full lives, as you'd want them to. Your gift to them, then, goes beyond a "good feeling." It becomes a tangible measure of security for your family.

Solutions for You

Pacific Guardian have been helping people protect against life's uncertainties for a number of generations. Consider what Pacific General can do for you. Their life insurance products can help you:

  • Create an estate
  • Supplement retirement funds
  • Pay off loans
  • Pay off home mortgages
  • Create college funds
  • Pay off funeral, medical expenses
  • Allow your spouse/children to sustain a similar lifestyle
  • Provide for monthly income for your loved ones

Pacific Guardian - What kind of Life Insurance is right for me?

Fitting Your Needs & Wants

Various types of life insurance products are designed to fit your individual needs and wants. Life insurance offers attractive features, such as non-taxable benefits and tax deferred investments. Pacific Guardian offers a variety of attractive and competitive solutions. Learn more about these options:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Annuities

Term Life

Term life insurance provides protection for a specific period of time. Unlike other types of policies, term life insurance generally does not generate cash values. Because of that, term life insurance is usually the least expensive means of protection. Term life insurance is usually a good starting point for younger policyholders. As their income increases, they may consider purchasing more comprehensive coverage. In such cases, they can choose to convert their existing term life insurance policies.

Pacific Guardian's term life insurance has a variety of desirable features such as:

  • Provides protection for a 10, 20, or 30 year period of time.
  • Initial premiums are lower than whole life insurance allowing you to purchase higher levels of coverage.
  • Allows younger ages to purchase more coverage when the need for protection is often the greatest.
  • Good for covering needs that will disappear in time, e.g., mortgage, car loans, etc.
  • Offers Premier Preferred and Preferred classes of insurance.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance differs from term life insurance in that it is a life-long insurance. It requires that premiums be paid for as long as the insured lives. Unlike most term life insurance policies, whole life policies accumulate cash value. If you need a lifetime of coverage, Pacific Guardian's whole life insurance may be the way to go. Pacific Guardian's fixed premium whole life insurance offers these features:

  • Life-long protection.
  • Guaranteed death benefits.
  • Strong guaranteed cash values.
  • Limited premium payments (7 years or 15 years) for a fully paid-up coverage - Guaranteed!
  • Juvenile protection with cash values.

Universal Life

Like whole life, universal life insurance provides permanent coverage. However, it is different from whole life in that it gives flexibility to the policyholder as to the amount and timing of premium payments. If flexible premiums and flexible coverage better fit your needs and wants, Pacific Guardian's universal life insurance products provide for it. Some of Pacific Guardian's features are:

  • Life-long protection.
  • Adjustable insurance coverage for your current and future requirements.
  • Adjustable premium payments to match your current and future financial situations.
  • Interest-free loans.
  • Solid cash values.


Because life isn't always certain, your annuity should be. Pacific Guardian's annuities give you what you want:

  • Earnings that grow tax-deferred.
  • A guaranteed amount of income for a specified period or for life.
  • A 1% bonus interest rate is credited to first-year money. (Bonus interest rate credited for one year only.)
  • Up to 10% of value can be withdrawn after the first year without withdrawal charges. Early withdrawal charges can be waived for special needs.



Pacific Guardian Tower,
1440 Kapiolani Blvd.,
HI 96814-3698

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