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Ohio State Life - Life Insurance

The Ohio State Life Company

Ohio State Life Insurance Company is owned by Americo Life, Inc., of Kansas City, Missouri. Americo is led by a seasoned management team with over 100 years of experience in the life insurance industry. While Ohio State Life successfully operates as an independent arm of Americo Life, Inc., Ohio State Life benefits from being part of a large, sound company with assets under management totaling more than $4.1 billion, over $44 billion of life insurance in force and a bond portfolio which is 99 percent investment grade.

The Ohio State Life organization has been offering life insurance products for over 90 years. Ohio State Life understand what consumers want when they buy life insurance, they anticipate it, they develop the products you are looking for. Ohio State Life built their strong financial foundation by listening to their customers and the market.

Originally founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1906, Ohio State Life moved to Dallas after being purchased by the Great Southern Life Insurance Company of Dallas. In 1993, all life insurance companies owned by Financial Holdings were placed under the control of Americo Life, Inc. Ohio State Life has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Ohio State Life is rated "A-" (Excellent) by The A.M. Best Company.

Ohio State Life Insurance Company offers a variety of Life Insurance and Annuity products including Universal Life, Traditional Whole Life and Term Insurance.

Ohio State Life - The Great Index Universal Life

How Interest is Credited to the Great Index Universal Life

To insure you receive the best service, several things happen to your accumulation account every month.

  • Any premiums paid are added to the accumulation account
  • Cost of insurance and any other monthly expenses are deducted
  • Guaranteed interest (2 percent annually) is credited

To calculate additional interest credits the S&P 500 index performance is tracked based on the timing of premium payments. "Index periods" are used to expedite this process.

  • Each month you contribute to the accumulation value, a yearlong index period begins
  • Additional interest linked to the performance of the S&P 500 index is calculated at the end of each yearlong index period; the additional interest can never be less than zero

Partial Surrenders
Partial surrenders must be for at least $500 with only one partial surrender per policy year. A $20 transaction charge will be assessed. Partial surrenders will reduce the specified amount by the amount of the partial surrender. The specified amount remaining in force after a partial surrender must be at least $25,000.

Rating Classes
There are four policy classes for the Great Index Universal Life: preferred non-nicotine, standard non-nicotine, preferred nicotine, standard nicotine.

Surrender Charges
The surrender charge schedule is fixed at policy issue but will change for any changes in underwriting class. A pro-rata surrender charge will be assessed on decreases or partial surrenders. Failure to keep the contract to the end of an index period may result in no index-credited amount for that index period.

Expense Charges
A percent of premium expense charge up to target for the first year only, guaranteed not to exceed 70 percent.

Maturity Dates
The Great Index Universal Life insurance policy will mature when the policy owner reaches 100 years of age. The policyowner may elect to receive the accumulation value at that time. If the policy owner does not elect to do so, on and after that date, the death benefit will equal the accumulation value and no additional cost of insurance will be deducted.

Policy Loans
After the first policy year, the policyowner may request a policy loan. A preferred loan may be taken if the effective date of the loan is on or after:

  • The 10th policy anniversary, if the insured was 55 or younger on the policy date or
  • The insured's 65th birthday, if the insured was 56-60 on the policy date or
  • The fifth policy anniversary, if the insured was 61 or more on the policy date.

A preferred policy loan may be made only one time each policy year. The maximum amount of a preferred policy loan is 15 percent of the cash surrender value at the end of the preceding policy year.

Interest on regular policy loans will be 3.85 percent in advance (4 percent if paid at the end of the year). Outstanding loans will be credited with interest at 2 percent at the end of each year. Preferred loans will be charged interest at 1.96 percent in advance (2 percent annual effective rate) on a guaranteed basis, creating a 0 percent annual-net-cost loan.

The options available to Great Index Universal Life policies include:

  • Waiver of cost of insurance and monthly expense charge
  • Waiver of monthly specified premium
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Additional insured term insurance
  • Children's level term insurance

Tax Information
Under current tax laws, the Great Index Universal Life accumulates cash value on a tax-deferred basis.




500 North Akard,
Suite 408,
Texas 75201

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