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North Coast Life - Life Insurance

The North Coast Life Insurance Company

Incorporated February 5, 1965, in the State of Washington, North Coast Life commenced business May 3rd of that year. The Company now has nearly $700 million of life insurance in force.
Executives and supervisory personnel have been associated for 35 years or more with North Coast and prior to its formation. The board of directors is composed of prominent Spokane and Northwest business and professional people, each of whom is a stockholder, as are many employees.

North Coast Life philosopy involves:

  • Providing maximum benefits to the insuring public at the lowest premium rates consistent with prudent and profitable management.
  • To be represented only by quality men and women, knowledgeable, and capable of offering sound counsel in the broad areas of financial planning.
  • Recognizing that public trust is vital to the growth of any organization. Every effort is made to provide prompt and understanding service to agents and to their clients.

North Coast Life prides itself on the technical and professional competence of its representatives. They are equipped to deal with tax and estate conservation problems, developing advantageous solutions for their policy-holders with cooperaton from accountants, attorneys, and trust officers. The North Coast Life portfolio is made up of many life insurance and annuity products for individuals and their families, employee groups and businesses. Operations are conducted on the General Agency basis in Arizona, California, Colorado, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Whole Life

Peace of Mind for Tomorrow - Whole Live-IV

The Peace of Mind Plan is

  • ..a final Expense Plan with..
    • Guaranteed Premium Payments
    • Guaranteed Cash Values
    • Guaranteed Death Benefits
  • ..The opportunity to apply for up to $25,000 in benefits.
  • ..Having the security that your premiums never increase and your benefits never decrease.

Peace of Mind is a final expense plan with guarantees designed for your security and to help make sure people age 40 to 85 can get the life insurance they need for final expenses. You can apply for up to $25,000 in death benefits. These benefits can be used to pay for final expenses, medical bills, any unpaid bills or wherever it is needed most. Knowing that your premium payments are guaranteed to never increase allows you to budget and plan knowing that future billings will always be the same. Cash values are guaranteed to grow at a steady rate. Interest rate changes in the general economy will not affect the growth of the cash value. As long as premium payment are made, the cash value grow as illustrated in your policy. The life insurance death benefit will never decrease because of your health or age. Once coverage is started, you can keep it for the rest of your life. Peace of Mind is permanent lifetime protection.

Peace of Mind offers the Accidental Death Benefit which provides up to twice you death benefit in cash of accidental death. The Family Group Rider provides additional coverage on your spouse and/or children.

Versatile Life

North Coast Life is proud to offer Versatile Life. Since its introduction in 1981, North Coast Life have continually improved Versatile Life to provide North Coast Life's Clients and Representatives with the best product available in the marketplace. As you examine these policies, you will discover they are, in fact, a step into the future of interest-sensitive products.

Highlights of this introduction are as follows:

FLEXIBILITY: There are thirteen different forms of Versatile Life. Policies are available on 1, 3, 5, 6, 7,10,11,15,20 or life payment plans, plus Tri-Guard, Joint Life (a 15-Pay, first-to-die plan) and Increasing Benefit. The special preferred risk 6-Pay and 11-Pay Plans have been designed to give you a competitive portfolio of plans for you.

Term Life Products

Life-style Term - Protection for your life-style today and tomorrow

Guaranteed Renewable and Convertible Term Insurance to age 70 with options to age 100

  • Annual Renewable Term to Age 100
  • 5-Year Level Premium Term to Age 70 with options to Age 100
  • 10-Year Level Premium to Age 70 with options to Age 100
  • 15-Year Level Premium to Age 70 with options to Age 100
  • 20-Year Level Premium to Age 70 with options to Age 100

Description Summary for All Plans Minimum $50,000 face amount. $50.00 annual policy fee.

The current premium is guaranteed by plan type as follows:

  • Annual Renewable Term, 5 years.
  • 5-Year Level Premium, 5 Years.
  • 10-Year Level Premium, 10 Years.
  • 15-Year Level Premium, 15 Years.
  • 20-Year Level Premium, 20 Years.

Renewable without evidence of insurability to age 70. The premiums at renewal are based on the then current premiums used for renewals for the same premium class.

Conversion privilege applies for issue age 60 or younger. Convert to any permanent insurance plan offered by the company.

Annual Renewable Term to age 100. Convert on any policy anniversary prior to age 65.

5-Year Level Premium Term to age 70. Convert at the 9th policy anniversary or age 65, whichever comes first.

10-Year and 15-Year Level Premium Term to age 70. Convert at the 14th policy anniversary or age 65, whichever comes first.

20-Year Level Premium Term to age 70. Convert at the 19th policy anniversary or age 65, whichever comes first.

Decreasing Term Privilege: At the end of the initial insurance period shown in the policy and each renewal insurance period thereafter, the insured has the option to elect decreasing term to age 100. Provides for either a level premium with a decreasing face amount, or a level face amount with increasing premium.

Riders Available on all plans: Waiver of Premium (WP) - Issued thru age 55, renewed to age 60.

Riders Available on 5-Yr, 10-Yr, 15-Yr, and 20-Yr plans:

  • Family Group-Children Only (FG-CO) - $2,000 benefit per $18.00 unit, up to 10 units maximum (per family).
  • Addition of spouse - must be the spouse of the base insured. Minimum rider face amount $50,000 and a maximum of the basic policy face amount.
  • Addition of up to 4 Insureds - must be related per a business or immediate family and dependents only. Minimum rider face amount $50,000 and a maximum of the basic policy face amount. (WP and FG-CO not available.)



1116 West Riverside Avenue,
Post Office Box,
1445 Spokane,
WA 99210-1445

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