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New England Financial - Life Insurance

About New England Financial

A premier member of America's financial services industry, New England Financial is recognized for its high-quality insurance and investment products.

With a 165-year tradition of integrity and sound performance, New England Financialo have special expertise in helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals and provide security for future generations. Now affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, America's second-largest insurer, New England Financial trace their origins to the nation's first mutual life insurance company, chartered in 1835. Headquartered in Boston, New England Finanial have offices in nearly every major U.S. city and are licensed to do business in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

New England Financial has solid financial strength. All the major rating agencies rank New England Financial in the excellent or superior range for claims paying ability and financial strength*:

Standard & Poor's AA
Moody's Aa2
Duff & Phelps AA+
A.M. Best A+

New England Financial backs the policies it issues just as any insurer does. By agreement, its parent, MetLife®, one of the largest and strongest financial institutions in North America, stands behind New England Financial's ability to meet its obligations.

New England Financial Life Insurance

Insurance has one or both of two primary features — protection in the form of a death benefit and tax-deferred cash value buildup. When these features are combined, insurance can ensure fulfillment of important funding programs like:

  • Family Protection
  • Education funding
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business continuation plans

As a funding vehicle, insurance offers additional flexibility because loans can be taken against a policy's cash value on a tax-free basis. Cash value can also be accessed by surrendering the policy, but the proceeds are taxable.

Premiums, what you pay for the policy, can vary depending on your specific needs. Depending on the terms, you can pay for your policy in equal installments (level premium); in installments that increase with your ability to pay; and in amounts you determine (flexible premium). You may also be able to purchase your policy with a single large payment (single premium).

New England Financial Traditional Life

Traditional life insurance products from New England Life Insurance Company (New England Financial) provide you with a range of protection options and solid tax advantages.

What is traditional life insurance?
Traditional life insurance is cash value life insurance for clients who prefer a set premium commitment and leaving the investing to the company. With traditional life insurance, the insurance company invests your cash value in investments with relatively predictable performance over long periods. This allows the company to guarantee at least a minimum cash value.

New England Financial's traditional life products
New England Financial offers different traditional life products to fit individual needs. For more complete information on these traditional life products, please contact your financial representative.

Term Life Insurance
Life insurance protection for a specified period of time that pays a benefit only if death occurs within that period.

Whole Life Insurance
Permanent life insurance coverage (provided that premiums are paid when due) with level premiums and death benefit coverage that lasts for your entire lifetime.

Universal Life Insurance
A form of permanent life insurance (as long as there is sufficient cash value to cover the policy costs) that is characterized by its flexible premiums, flexible face amounts and unbundled pricing factors. Cash value buildup is tied to interest rate performance.

Survivorship Life Insurance
Permanent insurance (provided that premiums are paid when due) that insures two lives and pays the death benefit after the second death. Survivorship life is ideally suited for paying estate taxes on the death of the second spouse.

New England Financial Variable Life

What is variable life? Variable life insurance is cash-value life insurance with values reflecting the performance of a variety of funds that you select. It differs from traditional permanent life insurance.

With traditional life insurance, the insurance company invests your cash value in investments with relatively predictable performance over long periods. This allows the company to guarantee at least a minimum cash value.

With variable life insurance, you choose how your cash value is invested among a variety of funds, such as growth, value, index, balanced, overseas, and money market funds, and often a fixed account as well. Although the insurer doesn't guarantee a minimum cash value, there's no limit on the potential growth of your cash value. This means that over time, both the cash value and the death benefit have the opportunity to out-perform other forms of life insurance. Unlike traditional life insurance, however, variable life insurance has inherent risks associated with it, including exposure of your death benefit and cash value to market volatility. Investment performance and principal will fluctuate with changes in market conditions.

What are the tax advantages? Following current tax laws, the earnings from your policy's cash value are tax deferred. Loans from life insurance policies reduce the cash value and death benefit, and interest is charged on the amount borrowed. Borrowed funds do not participate in the investment performance of the sub-accounts. You have access to your cash value through tax-free loans (subject to certain restrictions). Your beneficiaries receive the death benefit free of income taxes, and if ownership is properly structured, they may be received free of estate taxes as well.

New England Financial offers several variable life products to fit individual needs. For more complete information, including fees and expenses associated with these variable life products, see the prospectuses on the New England Financial web pages. You may also obtain a current paper copy of prospectuses from your New England Securities registered representative. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Not all products are available in all states.

Zenith Flexible Life
Offers you flexibility to vary your premium payments (subject to certain restrictions). Unfavorable performance of the underlying sub-accounts may necessitate the payment of additional premiums.

Zenith Survivorship Life

A strong estate planning tool, it pays a death benefit upon the death of the second insured.

Zenith Variable Whole Life
Offers a guaranteed level fixed premium along with a guaranteed death benefit.

Zenith Executive Advantage Plus
This product's universal life design allows for flexibility in premium payments and management of the policy value through multiple investment options. Unfavorable performance of the underlying sub-accounts may necessitate the payment of additional premiums.

Zenith Life Plus II
Provides guaranteed death benefit with a fixed premium while giving you access to the growth potential of the stock market.

Zenith Life Executive 65
Designed primarily for use by businesses and for personal retirement needs, this policy is guaranteed to endow at age 100.

American Gateway Series Single Premium Variable Life
Allows your money to grow tax-deferred, keep pace with inflation, and provide your financial program with the insurance protection you require.




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