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Neighbours of Woodcraft - Life Insurance

Who Neighbours of Woodcraft Are

At Neighbors of Woodcraft they don’t make furniture. Nor are Neighbours of Woodcraft a subsidiary of some giant lumber corporation. Actually, Neighbours of Woodcraft are a fraternal benefit society, and their name is a metaphor.

Fraternal Benefit Societies are among the earliest institutions in the United States to provide life insurance to working class families. The first fraternal benefit society, The Ancient Order of United Workmen, collected $1 from each member to provide a $2,000 death benefit to a member’s family when that member died. Each time a member died, $1 was due from each surviving member to reestablish the fund.

One morning in 1882 in the town of Lyons, Iowa, a minister used the pioneer woodmen clearing the forest for their families as a metaphor for his message. His message was simple: The community should work together to "clear away" the financial difficulties of individuals within the community. A young man named Joseph Root took the minister’s message to heart and established Woodmen of the World as a fraternal benefit society. The Woodmen would "clear away" the financial burden faced by the families of deceased members.

Women of Woodcraft (their original name until it was changed in 1906) was the women’s auxiliary of Woodmen of the World. In 1897, Women of Woodcraft was incorporated in Denver, Colorado as a fraternal benefit society in its own right. In 1906, the name was changed to reflect the fact that the organization had become home to both women and men.

Women of Woodcraft, and later Neighbors of Woodcraft, has been a good neighbor in nine states providing working communities with fraternalism, insurance benefits, and during extraordinary times of need, a helping hand. From the great San Francisco earthquake of 1905 to the great Oregon floods of 1996, Neighbours of Woodcraft have stood true to their mission and true to their communities.

Today, all fraternal benefit societies are non-profit corporations owned by their membership. Each has a constitution that provides for the election of a representative government. No other type of insurance provider offers their members a place in a democratic, and egalitarian cooperative family that is fiscally sound, efficiently operated, and socially responsible.

Neighbors of Woodcraft is proud to be a part of the rich history of American fraternalism, and Neighbours of Woodcraft are looking forward to their second century of service.

"We fly with our own wings"

Neighbours of Woodcraft Insurance Products

People from all walks of life buy life insurance. Whether you are young and single with few financial responsibilities, a parent with college age children or a widow with a parent to support, life insurance is the basis of a strong financial program.

The Main purpose of life insurance is to provide financial security for your family. If you die, life insurance can provide the income your family needs to maintain its lifestyle. You can also use life insurance to build up cash reserves for future events such as college, retirement or emergencies.

Neighbors of Woodcraft recognizes the different reasons people purchase life insurance. Neighbours of Woodcraft's portfolio includes products as straightforward as Accidental Death Insurance and as flexible as Decreasing Term Insurance. You may find Neighbours of Woodcraft have the right product for you.

Once you identify your needs, your financial resources and your goals, Neighbours of Woodcraft can help you choose the life insurance product that is right for you. Your financial security and peace of mind are important to Neighbors of Woodcraft.

Neighbours of Woodcraft Insurance Portfolio

Accidental Death Insurance
Protects your family from the financial burden of your accidental death.

Guaranteed Issue Insurance
Requires no medical examination or health records. Guaranteed as long as you pay the premiums, but insurance coverage is limited for the first two years you have this product. Neighbours of Woodcraft offer this product periodically and only to existing members.

Term Insurance
Protects your family from the financial burden of your death for a certain period of time only. Neighbours of Woodcraft's term insurance policy may continue throughout your life to age 100 if you so desire.

Traditional Whole Life Insurance
Combines death benefits with cash values. Requires fixed-level premiums during your life in exchange for a previously determined amount of money that will be paid in case you die or the policy matures. This product is non-participating and offers you lower guaranteed level premiums.

Excess Credit Whole Life Insurance
This policy also combines death benefits with cash values. The premium rate is guaranteed for life. Excess value is credited each year when approved by Neighbours of Woodcraft's board of directors. These excess credits are based on Neighbours of Woodcraft's past experience and upon their outlook for the near future. Credits may be used to reduce premium, be paid to you in cash or be used to buy paid up additional insurance.




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