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National Travelers Life - Life Insurance

About National Travelers Life

In 1907, National Travelers Life was founded on the principles of providing quality insurance products and strong customer service. Today, over 90 years later, they have maintained and expanded the vision of their founders.

National Travelers Life's innovative lines of life and annuity products have been designed to meet the changing needs of their policyowners.

National Travelers Life Insurance Products

National Travelers Life's marketing goal is to provide original and competitive products to fill the various and changing needs of all their customers. From traditional to progressive coverage, their product portfolio includes life and annuity products.

Their life portfolio includes a variety of term, whole life and universal life plans. National Travelers Life also offer qualified and non-qualified annuities that can serve either as a single or flexible premium deferred plan.

Complete product details are contained in the respective policy forms for each product. Additional information can be obtained by contacting one of their qualified field representatives or calling the National Travelers Life Home Office.

National Travelers Life Plans

Term Life:

10, 15 & 20-Year Term
This term life series is designed for consumers seeking low-cost term insurance coverage. Provides a level death benefit with the Initial premium guaranteed level for 10 years. It also features a preferred rate available on policy amounts of $100,000 or more and a non-tobacco discount.

Universal Life

Four policies, Flex, PermaFlex, Secure Plus 20, and Millennium Flex are excellent for consumers seeking a universal life policy that is flexible to changes in their lifestyles. All feature non-smoker discounts.

This product is an effective vehicle for consumers wanting to emphasize cash value growth and retirement funding. It is also ideal as a final expense plan for seniors and as a starter plan for juveniles when used with the guaranteed purchase option.

Flex can serve as an excellent family plan. It is designed to be a versatile policy design that can meet a consumer's ever-changing needs.

Secure Plus 20
For consumers wanting maximum performance and accumulation while getting the most coverage for their dollar, Secure Plus 20 is the answer. It offers versatility and performance with a wide premium range and lifetime protection.

Millennium Flex
Millennium Flex is a product for consumers who want premium flexibility with long-term guarantees. This adjustable premium Universal Life product's dynamic feature is its 15 and 30-year death benefit guarantee periods. If you are looking for a single vehicle that can meet the varied needs of: estate planning, emergency funds, college funding, business insurance and retirement funding, Millennium Flex is the product for you.

Whole Life

For consumers that desire more guarantees than a universal life product, but still want cash values to grow. VIPplus is characterized by strong guaranteed cash values and a competitive dividend scale. It works well for baby boomers needing guaranteed cash values, level guaranteed premium and tax-advantaged retirement income (under current tax law).

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