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National Guardian Life - Life Insurance

About National Guardian Life

National Guardian Life has been one of America's most successful and highly rated independent mutual life insurance companies since 1910. They pride themselves on being a strong and conservative company that puts the needs of their policyholders first. National Guardian Life's conservative investment philosophy enables them to offer quality insurance products that are among the safest in the industry. They remain strong, stable and well-positioned to seize the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

National Guardian Life - Insurance Products


Term life insurance provides life insurance only for a limited period of time, or "term." Additionally, term insurance provides only pure insurance protection and does not have the cash accumulation feature typically found in most permanent life insurance policies.

Term life insurance is most useful when you are relatively young or you only need temporary or short-term coverage. It's useful when you have an ongoing financial commitment such as a mortgage or a business debt. It gives you the peace of mind that should you die, the responsibilities of any debt obligations would be met.

Term life insurance is simple. You pay the premiums for the time when you need the coverage. By "paying as you go," your premium is a reflection of your age. When your short-term needs no longer exist, you are free to convert it to permanent insurance without proving insurability, building for your long-term needs. Types of term life available are 10, 15, 20 and 30-Year Level Term. They differ only in the period of time for which your premiums are guaranteed to stay level. If you are insuring a need for a longer period of time, chances are that a longer level term period may be in your best interest.


Traditional Life insurance, commonly referred to as "Whole Life," is considered permanent life insurance. When you purchase traditional life insurance, your premiums are locked in at the time you buy it and are guaranteed to never increase. In addition, you can earn dividends that will add to your policy's cash value.

National Guardian Life offers four types of Traditional Life products:

Whole Life

Designed to provide a nice balance between premiums and death benefit. Cash values and dividends provide additional growth within the policy. Premiums are payable to age 100, coverage is in effect to age 100.

Limited Pay Life

This product is designed for premiums to stop at age 65. This makes the Limited Pay Life an ideal product for guaranteeing that your life insurance coverage is paid-up at an earlier age. Coverage is still in effect to age 100.


This policy maximizes the tax advantages of accumulating cash value within a life insurance policy. It is most often used when the goal is to provide death protection and also to generate an income flow in future years.

Single Pay Life

This policy allows you to make one premium payment and have your policy paid in full. It is often the preferred choice when life insurance is purchased as a gift for a child.Another common use is when a lump sum of money happens to be available and guaranteed death protection is important.

Universal Life

Universal Life offers you a flexible plan of permanent life insurance. You design the plan to fit your changing needs. Both premium payments and the amount of the insurance coverage may be adjusted. That means that as your situation changes, you have the option to alter your premium payment, how often you pay, or the amount of coverage. Your tax-deferred cash value earns our current rate of interest.

National Guardian Life offers several types of Universal Life insurance:

Universal Life 4, 5 and 6

These individual Universal Life plans are perfect for individuals who value flexibility in both premium payments and coverage amounts. These UL policies can be changed as your need for insurance changes.

Want to know more? If you would like to find out more about National Guardian Life's products, contact them by e-mail or call them at 1-800-548-2962.




2 E. Gilman St.,
PO Box 1191,
WI 53701-1191

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