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NLI America - Life Insurance

Who NLI America Are

NLI America's Roots
NLI America is a subsidiary of Nippon Life Insurance Company, Osaka, Japan. NLI America's customers include a rapidly growing number of U.S. based companies, including many large American and Japanese owned organizations.

NLI America's Focus
It's part of NLI America daily mission. Nippon Life Insurance Company, their corporate parent, has grown to become one of the world's largest financial services organizations. NLI America's parent achieved this international leadership position from a continuing focus on customers — and then delivering what they want. Over the years this has earned the loyal support and trust of its customers. NLI America operates with the same focus on the customer. A recent survey of 2,000 medical and dental claimants gave NLI America a 90% approval rating.

NLI America's Products
NLI America delivers a full range of employee benefit programs and group insurance to employees and their families. NLI America's core products and services are complemented with the products of several leading managed health care companies. Together, NLI America provide for the employee benefit needs of companies of all sizes across the U.S. NLI America and their product partners share common commitments — the highest levels of quality service and customer satisfaction.

NLI America serve clients through their primary Branch Offices in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles — as well as through selected servicing offices of their product partners.

Why Customers Choose NLI America:

  • Client Focused portfolio of products and options. Choices tailored to companies of all sizes.
  • Single Call Solutions/ Active Listening. NLI America's centralized customer services center can put you in touch with staff nationwide, with a single toll free call. Just call 1-800-YES-NLIA.
  • Prompt Answers to questions and problems. If not immediately, NLI America aim to respond by the next business day.
  • Communication, Communication, Communication. Simplified language plan descriptions, employee documents and benefit payment explanations.
  • Rapid and Accurate Processing of all transactions.
  • Separate Toll Free English and Japanese customer service lines.
  • Innovative Managed Care Services that control disability and health care benefit plan costs.
  • Innovative Technology Support that maintains the human touch.
  • Regular Service Quality Surveys to monitor customer satisfaction, to assure that services are always up to NLI America's quality standards.

NLI America Group Life Insurance

Life insurance is a basic feature in every group benefit plan. It is greatly appreciated by employees, and can be provided at low cost.

Basic Life Insurance:

  • Basic Group Term Life
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Enhance Your Company Life Insurance Plan:
  • Supplemental Term Life
  • Dependent Group Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Basic Group Term Life

This is a cornerstone of a comprehensive benefit plan. It's a benefit that provides a financial cushion for the unexpected, sudden costs that arise from a death. NLI America offers a choice of benefit levels to match with your plan design objectives.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

For only pennies a thousand per month, employees receive additional coverage for accidental loss of life, limbs, or eyesight.

Enhance Your Company Life Insurance Plan

Supplemental Term Life

No two employees have identical life insurance needs. A Basic Life Plan may not fully cover all of an employee's protection needs. Put a supplemental life plan on top of the Basic Life Insurance plan. Based on the plan design you set up, employees can select optional amounts based on their family obligations and financial plans. (Supplemental life insurance is subject to minimum participation levels.)

Dependent Group Life Insurance

Basic and supplemental life insurance plans cover your employees. A gap in many group benefit plans is dependent life insurance. Why dependent life insurance? In addition to the emotional loss, there can be unexpected cash needs when a child or spouse dies. Dependent coverage is an economic way for the benefit plan to provide financial assistance.



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