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Minnesota Life - Life Insurance

Minnesota Life - mission and values

Minnesota Life are dedicated to being the best at providing financial security and value for their clients.

Minnesota Life's ongoing success springs from the values that were established when the Minnesota Life Company was founded — the values they have nurtured and adhered to since 1880.

  • Trust
    Minnesota Life serve the long term interests of their clients, providing them with financial security and lasting value. Minnesota Life will be here when they need them.
  • Strength
    Minnesota Life maintain unquestioned financial integrity and strength. To provide security for others, they must be strong.
  • Integrity
    Minnesota Life keep their promises. In all their activities, Minnesota Life adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  • Quality
    Minnesota Life fulfill client's needs responsively and efficiently, with products of lasting value and superior service. Minnesota Life avoid fads and gimmicks.
  • Respect
    Minnesota Life treat people with dignity, and they value diversity. "Together we are better."
  • Community
    Minnesota Life serve the communities where they live and work responsibly through both philanthropy and volunteerism. Minnesota Life are good neighbors.

From these core values, Minnesota Life have created a culture characterized by relationships of trust with their clients — and with each other.

Minnesota Life - Life Insurance Products and Services

Life insurance serves as the cornerstone of any sound financial program. It can be used to provide a family with financial security, accumulate funds for a college education, build a retirement fund and much more. Minnesota Life offers a variety of life insurance products to meet a range of financial needs.

Variable life insurance

Variable Adjustable Life (VAL)
Provides investment flexibility, guaranteed insurance protection and important tax advantages. Its adjustable features allow you to tailor a life insurance program to meet your personal protection and accumulation goals. Minnesota Life's VAL policy offers more than 20 cash value investment options.

Variable Adjustable Life - Horizon (VAL Horizon)
Minnesota Life's newest Life product. Combines the features of VAL with a definition of insurance that allows for greater cash value accumulation.

Variable Adjustable Life-Second Death (VAL-SD)
Combines the advantages of VAL with economical second death coverage, giving you control over your life insurance program and providing efficient estate tax funding. Also offers more than 20 options for investing cash value.

Adjustable life insurance

Adjustable Life (AL) and Children's Adjustable Life
The insurance industry's first "flexible" policy, allowing you to adjust your premiums and your guaranteed amount of insurance to meet your changing needs.

Single Premium Adjustable Life (SPAL)
An AL policy you can purchase with just a single premium payment.

Whole life insurance

Classic Life
A whole life policy with low, guaranteed premiums, cash values that earn a competitive tax-favored rate of return and several unique design features.

Term life insurance

Advantage Convertible Term (ACT)
Competitively priced term coverage with valuable benefits and riders plus the opportunity to convert to AL, VAL or Classic Life.

Annual Renewable Term (ART) and Annual Renewable Term-Second Death (ART-SD)
A low-cost alternative when you need coverage for a relatively short period of time.

Charitable giving

Charitable giving with Life Insurance
Charitable contributions allow you to leave a legacy for generations to come. These gifts can also be a simple estate planning tool structured to produce income or estate tax benefits.




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