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Manulife - Life Insurance

The Manulife Story

"Our Vision is to be the most professional life insurance company in the world: providing the very best financial protection and investment management services tailored to customers in every market where we do business."

-- Dominic D'Alessandro
President and Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1887, Manulife Financial is a global insurance company with operations in 15 countries and territories. Manulife have operated in the United States since 1903. Manulife Financial is committed to offering the highest quality annuity, life insurance and pension products to Manulife's US clients. The Manulife family of products is built around a powerful combination of investment options chosen with the goal of providing risk-adjusted returns and broad diversification across asset classes, investment styles, and asset managers. With its broad product lines, competitive underwriting, excellent ratings, and quality customer service, Manulife is committed to providing premium products designed to help create and preserve wealth for Manulife's clients.

Manulife Financial focuses on satisfying the estate and business planning need of affluent Americans. Manulife know their market, its needs, and its characteristics. Manulife's structure, product pricing, underwriting, and sales support are all geared towards satisfying the insurance needs of affluent Americans. The results speak for themselves:

  • Manulife Financial pioneered survivorship life insurance. Today, Manulife offer four different survivorship products, covering every major insurance type: survivorship whole life, universal life, variable universal life, and term.
  • Manulife Financial has proven expertise in the estate planning market.
  • Manulife Financial seeks out large cases with their Jumbo Case Management program. This program has resulted in over 240 cases with a total insurance amount of $20,000,000 or greater in the last three years.

Over the years, Manulife Financial has built a reputation for high-quality, innovative products. In addition to pioneering survivorship life insurance, Manulife designed riders such as the Estate Preservation Rider and the Age 100 Advantage to further customize their products for your clients' estate planning needs. Other innovations include non-smoker rates for smokers, preferred rates up to age 90 on many of Manulife's products and more importantly their unique 20 year No-Lapse Guarantee feature available on Manulife's variable universal life and universal life insurance products

Manulife Financial has consistently shown a record of sustained growth in all of its core businesses which is reflected in Manulife's high ratings from independent agencies. Manulife's companies have consistently received high ratings for financial strength from top independent industry rating agencies, such as A. M. Best, Fitch, Moody's Investors Service, and Standard & Poor's.

Manulife - Universal Life

The focus of Manulife Financial's new Universal Life products is:

  • Additional flexibility - Not only do Manulife UL* and Survivorship UL* offer flexibility in premiums and death benefits, but they also provide several options that allow clients to design a policy that meets their unique needs.
  • Additional security - If guarantees are a top priority, Manulife UL and Survivorship UL offer several options, including guaranteed coverage for as long as the insured(s) are alive.
  • Affordable coverage - The features available with Manulife UL and Survivorship UL allow the policy owner to have coverage that meets their budget. The policy owner can now balance additional security with lower-cost coverage by adding our Supplementary Term Insurance Rider to provide additional death benefit.

The Policy Protection Rider (PPR) is available on both Manulife's single-life and survivorship universal life products. It ensures that as long as the PPR is in effect the coverage cannot lapse even if the cash surrender value falls to zero. While many companies offer secondary guarantees, Manulife Financial allows policy owners to select the PPR period they want. This allows you to tailor the product to match specific insurance needs. At no charge, your clients may choose the PPR for the minimum period, which is to age 80 of the younger life insured or five years, whichever is longer, and pay the premiums sufficient to keep the PPR in effect.

For a charge, the policy owner can select a longer period up to age 100 of the life insured(s) and again pay the premium that will keep the rider in effect up to age 100 of the life insured(s). Guaranteed coverage for life can be secured by combining the PPR to age 100 of the life-insured(s) and the Age 100 Advantage. Choose the PPR to age 100 and pay the premium to keep the PPR rider in effect to age 100. At that time, the Age 100 Advantage comes into effect, insurance-related charges stop and coverage remains in effect until the death of the last surviving insured.**

By adding the Supplementary Term Insurance Rider to your clients' basic coverage and selecting the Policy Protection Rider duration that meets their needs, they can create a premium schedule that is right for their budget.

Manulife - Traditional Life Products

Premier Whole Life (PWL95) is a single-life, participating whole life contract that has one of the lowest guaranteed level premiums in the market place. This low-cost death benefit protection product is a particularly good fit in estate planning applications, and provides excellent Internal Rate of Returns (IRR) on death.
Premier Whole Life offers Manulife customers a choice of term riders that can further reduce the cost of Premier's already low premiums, namely:

  • Life Plus I - designed to achieve low annual premium and early premium offset.
  • Life Plus II - designed to achieve an even lower annual premium when early premium offset is not the driving factor.

Life Plus...

  • is a premium-paying rider that combines term coverage with permanent insurance.
  • includes the benefits of cash values, paid-up values and dividends.
  • is designed to be replaced gradually by permanent insurance over the life of the policy.

Based on an individual's premium requirements, a customized blend of PWL95 and Life Plus can be designed -- up to a maximum of 90% Life Plus.

Cash Enhancement Options (CEO)
Manulife customers can further customize Premier Whole Life by adding annual and/or single payment CEO to accommodate extra premiums in the contract to:

  • provide earlier premium offset.
  • enhance policy cash and paid-up values.

Term Protection Rider (TPR)
Life insurance transferred to a trust is includible in the insured's estate if death occurs within three years of the transfer (IRC 2035(d)(2. Manulife's Term Protection Rider is an inexpensive four-year level term rider designed primarily for estate planning cases, to provide additional death benefit during the first four policy years, so that funds will be available to pay the additional estate taxes due.

Non-Smoker Rates for smokers for the first three policy years.
Smokers receive non-smoker rates for the first 3 years. If they have quit smoking in these 3 years and provide evidence of insurability, they will be permanently changed to standard non-smoker status. If your smoking clients have been thinking about quitting, this savings may give them another incentive, or if they've recently quit they can get the benefit of cheaper rates immediately with Manulife, versus waiting one or two years with another carrier. If they don't intend to quit, they STILL get cheaper rates for 3 years! Additionally, Manulife's standard definition of non-smoker includes pipe smokers, cigar smokers, and smokeless tobacco users. Only cigarette smokers count as "smokers".

Manulife Financial's The Manufacturer's Survivorship is designed to provide a competitive premium for clients who want the strongest policy guarantees. The already low premium can be lowered with Manulife's competitive term rider.

Life Plus Term Rider.
At a 50/50 term/perm blend, this term rider reduces the policy premium to a level comparable to Manulife's competitor's products at a 90/10 blend. Furthermore, this rider was specifically designed to be less sensitive to dividend crediting rate reductions, maintaining the same premium with dividend scale reductions of up to 1.5%.

Cash Enhancement Option.
Adds both cash value and paid-up additional coverage to the client's contract.




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