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MMA - Life Insurance

Who are MMA?

As a stewardship solutions organization, MMA helps Anabaptists practice biblical stewardship through its expertise in insurance, financial services, charitable-giving programs and fraternal benefits.

Working with more than 25 denominations with historic Anabaptist roots, MMA serves church members, congregations, church-related institutions, and Anabaptist-run businesses. However, selected services and products are open to anyone regardless of his or her religious affiliation.

MMA's key differences

Fraternal benefits: When church members participate in MMA, they help church members and congregations through benevolence programs like the Sharing Fund and educational resources. These benefits have no effect on premiums or fees. The benefits are funded primarily by MMA's unique tax status: a large part of MMA is a fraternal benefit association. MMA also contributes a portion of its net financial gains to fraternal programs.

Stewardship investing: MMA follows a philosophy of stewardship investing based on its 500-year-old Anabaptist faith tradition. This philosophy balances a responsibility for productively using financial resources with a concern for individuals, communities, and environments that are affected by MMA's investment choices. See MMA's Stewardship investing guidelines on their web pages for more details.

MMA seek investments that support:

  • Respect for human dignity
  • Responsible management
  • Environmental stewardship
MMA avoid investments that support:
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons and defense contracting
  • Gambling

MMA participates actively in corporate decisions through shareholder initiatives and direct company dialogue, challenging harmful activities, encouraging positive social and environmental change, and supporting wise stewardship decisions that offer long-term benefits to all their stakeholders.

Internationally and domestically, MMA pursue community development investing that widens opportunity and empowerment for economically disadvantaged communities and individuals.

MMA - Life Insurance Products

Affinity Life Insurance

Life insurance can help meet a variety of needs, including replacing a deceased person's income, mortgage protection, retirement and college funding, estate planning, and business-continuity protection. To offer maximum flexibility in meeting those and other needs, Affinity Life Plans are available as universal life plans, term life plans (also called level premium), and last survivor protection (to reduce potential taxes due at death).

Employers can also use Affinity Life Plans to purchase coverage for their employees. In most states, life coverage is included with MMA's fully insured health plan, ShareNet Employer Plan.

Affinity Life Plans are not available in all states.

Universal life plans

These plans are the most versatile life coverage your family can have. They accumulate cash at current interest rates and allow you to decide how much you need and the amount of your own insurance premium.

MMA's universal life plans give you necessary death benefit protection while offering tax advantages to help plan for future needs.

Term life plans

These plans are ideal for individuals or families who need only temporary life coverage. Premiums for term life plans are economical, stable, and guaranteed. In addition, if your needs change, you can change your plan to a universal life plan, as long as you do so within the time frame outlined in your policy.

Last survivor protection

A last survivor plan is for people who have sizeable estates or businesses and want to protect their survivors from having to pay large amounts of money to satisfy federal estate taxes, state taxes, legal expenses, and administrative expenses.

Under current law, when a person dies, all of the assets are passed to the spouse without having to pay any estate taxes. But when the second person dies, all assets over $600,000 are subject to federal estate taxes that begin at 37 percent and increase to as much as 55 percent.

A last survivor plan is designed to help solve estate planning problems such as these by insuring the lives of both husband and wife under one universal life insurance policy. The benefits are payable after the second death and provide ready cash for estate taxes so your estate can pass to your family and charities virtually intact.




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