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Lincoln Benefit Life - Life Insurance

Lincoln Benefit Life's Promise To You

Welcome from Lincoln Benefit Life Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. From Lincoln Benefit Life's offices in America's heartland, Lincoln Benefit Life have helped families across the nation obtain affordable insurance protection since 1938.

Today, Lincoln Benefit Life's proud tradition continues. Lincoln Benefit Life provide innovative insurance solutions to independent-minded individuals who like to make their own, informed choices. And family protection is as important to Lincoln Benefit Life as it is to their customers.

You can rely on Lincoln Benefit Life because of what they promise you: Value, Service, Strength and Innovation.

Lincoln Benefit Life continues to grow and provide protection to more and more policyholders because Lincoln Benefit Life offer more value. You find the most innovative, high-quality insurance solutions for your money when you come to Lincoln Benefit Life. And, you're assured of affordable insurance plans that are right for your own individual needs.

You receive personal service linked with stability you can trust from Lincoln Benefit Life. Lincoln Benefit Life's size and business expertise provides a sound financial base, yet their heartland roots mean Lincoln Benefit Life always treat you like an individual, not like a number. Lincoln Benefit Life's dedication to honesty and ethics, and their commitment to offer clear answers to your questions, assure you Lincoln Benefit Life will provide for your insurance and retirement needs as your circumstances change and grow.

Lincoln Benefit Life is among the insurance industry's most efficient and effectively managed independent companies. Lincoln Benefit Life have proven their financial stability over time, time and again. The top independent rating and analysis companies in the insurance industry recognize Lincoln Benefit Life's stability and reward them with their rankings. That tells you Lincoln Benefit Life will be here when you need them.

New and innovative insurance solutions are a trademark of Lincoln Benefit Life and one of their secrets to success. Lincoln Benefit Life create insurance and investment products to fit today's consumer needs like an option which allows you to renew your term life policy without a medical exam, or a rider which lets you add coverage for your children to your own policy.

You can count on Lincoln Benefit Life to discover new ways to support America's changing individual and family lifestyles.

Remember, it's never too early or too late to think about your financial future.

What is life insurance?

As the cornerstone of your financial program, life insurance protects what's important to you, your family, your home and your business. Life insurance offers a death benefit that lets you rest assured your family can keep their home, go to college and realize the plans you've made for them. It also ensures that the business you've worked so hard to build can go on. But life insurance can do more.

Some policies can help you grow financially and you can use the money that accumulates during your lifetime to help meet educational costs, family income requirements, retirement or emergency expenses. Life insurance can also offer favorable tax treatment. You can select from several types of life insurance policies.

Universal Life
Universal Life is permanent insurance that builds cash values and is distinguished by its premium flexibility. Within, limits, you can vary the premium payments or the timing of premium payments as well as the amount of each death benefit.

Traditional Whole Life
Traditional Whole Life features a level premium and level death benefit to age 100 with accumulating cash value that increases over time until it equals the death benefit. Whole Life insurance covers you for as long as you live, if the premiums are paid.

Survivorship Life
Sometimes called second-to-die insurance, Survivorship Life is a fundamental part of estate planning.

Term Life
Term Life is good for people who need temporary protection, with some valuable benefits, including the opportunity to convert to permanent life insurance. Lincoln Benefit Life offers term policies for periods of 10, 15, 20 and 30 years.

Variable Life
Variable life insurance combines many traditional insurance features with the opportunity of investing. Variable life insurance provides life protection you need, important tax advantages and investment choices not offered in traditional insurance.




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