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LCBA - Life Insurance

Who is the LCBA?

The Loyal Christian Benefit Association (LCBA) is a fraternal benefit society with a history that goes back to 1890. LCBA membership is an active and vital part of many communities across the country, providing service to the elderly and disabled, ministering to the deaf and hard-of-hearing, building homes for the poor, and performing countless other acts of Christian charity.

LCBA's rich history dates back to the turn of the century when they were known as the Ladies Catholic Benevolent Association. The organization was formed when a number of women in Titusville, Pennsylvania, came together to protect their families with life insurance.

Today, membership is open to all Christian men, women and children. There are over 35,000 LCBA members in 28 states and the District of Columbia.

As a fraternal, the LCBA provides life insurance and annuity coverage, plus a wide variety of benefits to LCBA members. Insurance operations at the LCBA provide financial support that is needed for matching funds and other fraternal benefits.

Everyone who holds an LCBA annuity or insurance certificate becomes a "benefit" member. Benefit members pay annual dues of $2 which are returned to their local branches to support branch activities.

"Associate" members pay annual dues of $5 and participate in regular branch activities, but they do not hold an LCBA policy. Two dollars from each member's dues are returned to his or her branch.

What is a Fraternal?
Like commercial life and health insurers, fraternal benefit societies offer insurance products and are chartered in accordance with state insurance laws. From there the differences are significant. Although each society is unique, under law all must:

  • Be not-for-profit
  • Conduct fraternal programs for members and the community
  • Have a representative form of government
  • Have a system of local branches
  • Provide insurance and other benefits to members

LCBA - Life Insurance Products

The LCBA offers affordable life insurance for the entire family. LCBA have a number of programs so you can be sure there is one to fit your needs. Do you want money for your child to someday go to college or start a business? Do you want an alternative method of taking out loans at lower interest rates? A nest egg for retirement? Cash dividends? Emergency cash? Do you seek affordable protection for your children and your loved ones?

  • Whole Life - traditional insurance plans that can be customized to your needs
  • Fratern20 - limited payment: no premiums after 20 years
  • Universal Life - a flexible program that grows and changes with you and your family
  • Term - low cost plans that cover specific time periods to meet special needs
  • Annuities - offering guaranteed earnings while you save for the future

Whole Life

Traditional whole life is the coverage that most people know and trust.

  • guaranteed level premiums, except FraternSINGLE, which requires only one payment
  • guaranteed death benefit
  • guaranteed cash value
  • policy loans
  • dividends that can purchase additional insurance, accumulate with interest or be paid in cash

Different Plans to Fit Your Needs


  • For final expenses and covering funeral costs or for those who want to add to existing insurance
  • Generally only an application is required, medical exam only under special circumstances (at LCBA's expense)
  • Death benefits from $1,000 to $24,999
  • For members 50 to 75 years old, a guaranteed version is available in most states (limited benefits are payable during the first two years)


  • Face amounts start at $25,000
  • Medical exam routinely required (at LCBA's expense)


  • Required only one premium payment
  • Medical exam routinely required (at LCBA's expense)

You choose riders to customize your plan:

  • Accidental Death Benefit: pays extra benefit in the event of accidental death.
  • Monthly Disability Rider: pays premium during a period of total and permanent disability.
  • Guaranteed Issue Option: provides guaranteed optional increases for the death benefit at periodic times.

This coverage is guaranteed to be paid-up after only 20 years, but the benefits will last a lifetime. Many grandparents and parents have found that it makes a great gift that keeps on giving.

Fratern 20

  • issue age 0-75
  • guaranteed level premiums
  • guaranteed death benefit starting at $25,000
  • medical exam routinely required (at LCBA's expense)
  • guaranteed cash value
  • dividends can purchase additional insurance, accumulate with interest, reduce premiums, or be paid in cash
  • great gift idea
  • certificate loans
  • changing interest rates do not affect the value of your certificate

You choose riders to customize your plan:

  • Accidental Death Benefit: pays extra benefit in the event of accidental death.
  • Monthly Disability Rider: pays premium during a period of total and permanent disability.

Fratern UL

Universal life (UL) coverage offers all the benefits of whole life with great flexibility.

Life insurance provides for our loved ones when we die and while we're alive, if we plan for it. FraternUL is a universal life insurance certificate that has many unique features. If you need maximum flexibility as your family grows, UL is for you.

  • allows flexibility for individual planning
  • lets you control premium payments
  • gives you options to skip a payment, pay ahead, or pay extra as long as your account has sufficient funds
  • allows you to increase or decrease face amounts (subject to underwriting)
  • account value is based on current interest and mortality rates, and accumulates tax-deferred
  • premium payments are deposited into an account
  • each month the account is charged for the amount of insurance provided plus a small monthly fee
  • remaining funds earn interest

You choose riders to customize your plan:

  • Accidental Death Benefit: pays extra benefit in the event of accidental death
  • Monthly Disability Rider: pays a pre-determined amount of premium during a period of total and permanent disability [except in New York, the disability rider waives all costs (mortality & expense) during disability period]
  • Guaranteed Issue Option: guaranteed optional increases for the death benefit at periodic times
  • Children's Term: provides convertible term coverage on all insured's children from 16 days old to 16 years old
  • Additional Term: provides for a specified amount of term coverage on the insured's base certificate Spouse Rider: provides convertible term coverage on the insured's spouse for a lower premium than the base certificate

It's so easy! - The living benefits of this certificate make it a sensible plan for your money and your family.

  • give yourself a loan
  • remodel your home
  • pay for college education
  • venture in a new business
  • use for emergency cash
  • plan your retirement


Term coverage provides insurance for a specific time period. Term policies are low cost, but they do not accumulate cash value. The LCBA's most popular term insurance plans are the 1st Step and the 5 Year Renewable and Convertible (5 Year R&C) programs.

1st Step

  • Affordable protection for juvenile members
  • $35/year for $10,000; $50/year for $25,000
  • You can qualify your child or grandchild for scholarships
  • Coverage lasts to age 30
  • Guaranteed option to purchase up to 10 times the original amount in permanent coverage

Tern to 18

The LCBA Term to 18 policy provides for a level premium payment and level coverage until the insured reaches age 18. At age 18, the coverage is guaranteed convertible to any permanent plan of insurance offered by the Association. Term to age 18 can be issued from age 16 days through age 15.

The minimum face amount is $5,000, the maximum is $25,000 and it is available in $5,000 increments.

5 Year R&C

  • If you need coverage for a certain time period
  • If you just started a new business and you don't have the funds yet for permanent insurance
  • If you have a college student who cannot afford his or her own coverage until after graduation
  • When you need a lot of insurance for a tight budget

Guaranteed Conversion & Low Cost
Maybe you don't have the money to invest now in the type of life insurance plan you know you need. 5-Year R&C gives you options for later.

  • low cost, level, fixed premiums now
  • premiums increase each five years
  • you decide when to convert
  • guaranteed conversion to any permanent insurance or, continue your coverage at the current premium rate based on your age without proof of insurability
  • 5-year R&C is for members aged 16-65 no cash values or loans available, but smoker, non-smoker rates apply

You choose riders to customize your plan:

  • Accidental Death Benefit: pays extra benefit in the event of accidental death
  • Monthly Disability Rider: pays premium during a period of total and permanent disability

Term Insurance provides:

  • inexpensive coverage
  • ability to convert to permanent insurance without proof of insurability


An annuity offers guaranteed earnings while you save for the future. Your investment earns tax-deferred interest until retirement or when you need it. At that time you can receive payments for your lifetime, for a specified period, or in a lump sum.

There is a surrender charge for early withdrawal, and the IRS generally imposes a 10% penalty on the interest earned if you withdraw funds before age 59-and-a-half. Our annuities may be used for IRAs or for personal investment. The LCBA has a Single Premium Deferred Annuity and a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity. LCBA also offer Immediate Annuities that provide a lifetime income.

LCBA Annuities

  • Earn tax-deferred interest
  • Issued to members up to age 85
  • 4% minimum guaranteed interest rate - call for the current rate
  • Declining surrender charges based on contract date and not the deposit date
  • One no-charge withdrawal per year, up to 10%




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