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Kansas Farm Bureau - Life Insurance

About Kansas Farm Bureau...

Kansas Farm Bureau was established in 1919 by people whose goal was to improve the quality of life for Kansans. Kansas Farm Bureau's home office of approximately 600 associates is located in Manhattan, Kansas.

Kansas Farm Bureau is affiliated with the American Farm Bureau Federation and serves 105 Kansas counties and over 130,000 member families. Farm Bureau members enjoy a variety of services, including but not limited to: personal insurance, business insurance, group insurance, member protector plan, reward program, and legislative activity. Take some time to Explore Membership with their parent organization, Kansas Farm Bureau.

Farm Bureau Insurance is committed to helping Farm Bureau members meet their financial needs through the products and services offered by:

  • American Farm Bureau Insurance Services
  • Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company
  • KFB Insurance Company, Inc.
  • Utica National Insurance Group

Kansas Farm Bureau Term Life Insurance

Term Insurance is temporary insurance specially designed for short-term needs. Benefits of Kansas Farm Bureau's term insurance include:

  • Larger amounts can be purchased at a lower initial cost for a limited period of time
  • You can convert some or all of the term insurance to whole life insurance without evidence of insurability with Kansas Farm Bureau's Convertibility Rider
  • Premiums are guaranteed level for a specific period of time.

Choice Term Life (CT) has level death benefits and is renewable to age 95.

Different underwriting classes are available, based upon medical history and tobacco use.


  • CT1 Premiums increase annually and are guaranteed to age 95.
  • CT10 Premiums are level for the first 10 years. After 10 years, rates increase annually and are guaranteed to age 95.
  • CT20* Premiums are level and guaranteed for the first 10 years. After 10 years, rates are scheduled to remain at the same level premium for the next 10 years, but are not guaranteed to remain level.
  • CT30* Premiums are level and guaranteed for the first 10 years. After 10 years, rates are scheduled to remain at the same level premium for the next 20 years, but are not guaranteed to remain level.

*After the guaranteed period, the rates may decrease or increase, but never increase above the guaranteed ultimate rate.

Optional Benefit Riders

Convertibility Rider
Allows the insured to convert the Choice Term policy, without proof of insurability, to a Farm Bureau Life whole life or variable universal life product.

Family Dependents' Rider
Provides life insurance coverage for spouse and children.

Waiver of Premium Disability Rider
In the event of disability, premiums will be waived for the remainder of disability, after six-month waiting period.

Dependent Children's Rider
Provides life insurance coverage for children.

Guaranteed Re-Entry Rider
Guarantees ability to start a new Choice Term policy at the end of the re-entry period without evidence of insurability. (Original policy is terminated.)

Accidental Death Benefit Rider
Pays an additional amount of death benefit if the death of the base insured is caused by an accident.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Rider
If death or dismemberment of the base insured occurs because of an accident, an additional amount will be payable.

Kansas Farm Bureau Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance provides permanent life insurance protection. It is an equity-building tool that can guarantee security for your future.

Whole life policies build cash values, which are guaranteed and tax-deferred under current federal income tax law. Participating whole life policies are eligible for dividends, but dividends are not guaranteed.

Whole life insurance offers stable premiums, long term coverage, and access to cash values while you are living.

Permanent whole life insurance can help you meet your personal needs with funds for:

  • survivor income needs
  • debt retirement
  • retirement
  • charitable giving
  • wealth transfer
  • emergencies
  • children's education
  • mortgage protection
  • estate creation
  • collateral

It can meet business needs by funding:

  • buy-sell agreements
  • nonqualified tax-deferred compensation
  • key employee coverage
  • emergency fund.

AllLife is a top-quality traditional whole life insurance policy that meets the needs of living too long or dying too soon. It provides solutions for real life problems. It provides a level amount of insurance on one individual.

AllLife can be customized with a wide variety of riders or optional benefits, making it extremely flexible and suitable for filling an assortment of needs.

Optional Riders:

  • cover your spouse and/or children
  • guarantee your ability to purchase additional amounts of insurance
  • pay your premium in case of disability
  • optional paid-up additions adding life insurance, cash value and additional non-guaranteed dividends.

SureLife is a guaranteed issue whole life insurance policy for individuals not healthy enough to qualify for other life insurance coverage and/or for no hassle easy issue life insurance. It has a modified death benefit if a nonaccidental death occurs in the first two policy years. Full death benefits are payable following this two-year period.

There are no health questions, medical history, lab work or doctor visits required with SureLife

Last Survivor Whole Life
Last Survivor Whole Life is the policy to help preserve the value of your estate. You can insure two lives (for example - husband and wife or business partners) using only one policy. The face amount is payable upon the death of the surviving insured...right at the time when monies are needed to pay estate costs, making this policy an excellent estate planning tool.

Last Survivor Whole Life is the policy for parents of children with special needs. It is also good for charitable giving and preserving assets.


  • the face amount is level with guaranteed premium
  • the policy is eligible for dividends at the end of the second policy year
  • premium savings with only one policy priced to save

Optional Benefit Riders

  • Waiver of Premium Disability Rider on one or both insureds
  • Level Term Insurance Rider on one or both insureds
  • Yearly Renewable Term Insurance Rider on one or both insureds





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