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Kansas City Life - Life Insurance

Kansas City Life Insurance Company

Who Kansas City Life are:
Kansas City Life Insurance Company was established in 1895 in Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City Life's agency force of more than 1,100 agents serves 48 states and the District of Columbia. Kansas City Life insure more than half a million policyholders from coast to coast.

Kansas City Life's home office is located in midtown Kansas City, Missouri. A home office staff of more than 600 associates provides support for agents and policyholders.

What Kansas City Life do:
Kansas City Life Insurance Company markets individual life, annuity and group products through approximately 110 career general agencies located throughout the United States. Variable life, variable annuities, mutual funds and other investment options are offered through Sunset Financial Services, Kansas City Life Insurance Company's wholly-owned broker/dealer subsidiary.

Kansas City Life Term Life Insurance

The cost of living these days isn't cheap. You worry that when you die, your spouse will be stuck with a mountain of expenses. Take a minute now to see what term life insurance can do for you. Term insurance offers low-cost protection to meet your family's needs. You only pay for the amount and duration of coverage you need.

Term insurance generally offers the greatest level of protection for your premium dollar. Because it does not build cash value, term insurance might be described as "renting" rather than "owning" protection. It will help you make sure your survivors have funds available for any of the following situations:

  • Pay final medical and funeral expenses;
  • Pay debts and other obligations, such as your mortgage;
  • Replace your income in order to maintain your family's standard of living;
  • Pay college expenses for your children;
  • Settle your estate;
  • Transfer your business; and/or
  • Leave a contribution to your church or favorite charity.

Kansas City Life Universal Life Insurance

You want insurance that gives you options – flexible premiums, adjustable coverage – while providing the security you need. Universal Life (UL) might be just what you're looking for. Your UL policy will provide security today with the growth potential you need for tomorrow. Here's what a UL policy offers that is different from a whole life policy.

  • Interest on the cash in your policy is credited each month at a current, competitive rate. Crediting rates will never fall below the minimum amount guaranteed in your policy.
  • You select the amount and frequency of premium payments (subject only to specified minimums and maximums). As long as there is adequate cash value to pay policy expenses, you can:
    • Increase premiums to accumulate cash value more rapidly.
    • Decrease premiums when cash is less available.
    • Stop premiums for a period of time.
    • Pay in advance to eliminate premiums in later years.
  • Increase or decrease the amount of your coverage at any time – without buying a new policy (subject to minimum premium requirements). Proof of insurability may be required for increases.

And Kansas City Life Insurance Company has a new Survivorship Universal Life policy, with added features to enhance your policy, such as joint first-to-die term insurance and a policy split option.

Kansas City Life Whole Life Insurance

You want to know your family and future are secure. Worrying over how to pay for large expenses like college for your children and a hefty mortgage are on your mind. You want permanent security – something you can be sure of. Whole life can help you meet your financial goals in the present while providing security for your future. This type of insurance has a guaranteed death benefit that will provide immediate cash, upon death, to:

  • Pay final medical and funeral expenses.
  • Pay debts and other expenses.
  • Replace your income and provide for your family.
  • Settle your estate.
  • Transfer your business.

Whole life provides you with a guaranteed cash value. In addition to covering your family's needs after death, you can use your policy to accumulate tax-deferred cash values to help:

  • Finance a child's college education.
  • Pay off your mortgage early.
  • Take advantage of an investment opportunity.
  • Start your own business.
  • Cover unexpected emergency expenses.
  • Supplement your retirement income.

All these benefits come with a guarantee that your premium won't change. The basic premium you agree to now will remain the same throughout the life of your policy. Kansas City Life Insurance Company also offers Interest Sensitive Whole Life with even more options to meet your needs.




3520 Broadway,
Kansas City,
MO 64111

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