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Kanawha - Life Insurance

Kanawha Insurance Company was founded for the best of reasons.

In 1958, Colonel Elliott White Springs, Chairman of what is now Springs Industries, Inc., founded Kanawha Insurance Company to help loyal employees provide more financial security for their families. Springs believed that family responsibilities came first. A natural salesman as well as a spirited leader, he encouraged all of his company's employees to participate. Most did. A war hero, author, and astute businessman, Colonel Springs set the tone and established the tradition of human dignity upon which Kanawha would build. Today, Kanawha Insurance Company is still owned by the descendants of Colonel Springs. Their commitment to grow this business has been evidenced by continual investment in the company.

The legacy of strong leadership continues

Kanawha (ka-na’-wha) Insurance Company is one of the largest privately-owned life insurance companies in the Southeast. It is licensed as an insurer in 44 states1 and as a reinsurer in New York and Connecticut. Kanawha enjoys a “A (Excellent)” rating by A.M. Best Company2 for 20 consecutive years and has been rated "A (Strong)" by Standard & Poor's3.

Long Term Care and Worksite products are currently distributed in 30 states and represent the prime strategic markets for Individual insurance, accounting for 90% of new sales. This marketing thrust is supported by extensive proprietary producer training and sales support mechanisms that take full advantage of new technology.

Individual product sales growth is enhanced by reinsurance activities that include as clients some of the largest insurance companies in the country.

Kanawha HealthCare Solutions, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, is one of the largest Third Party Administrators in the Southeast.

Since 1985, Kanawha’s net worth has grown by 13% per year to over $148 million while assets under management now exceed $600 million. This growth has been a direct result of Kanawha’s reputation for service to policyholders, customers and agents, a dedication that continues.

As a member of Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA), an industry association that sets standards for market conduct, Kanawha pledges a continuation of the highest ethical standards.

Kanawha Whole Life

For a policy that offers guaranteed rates, cash value and life insurance protection that does not decrease, choose one of Kanawha's traditional Whole Life insurance policies. From Kanawha's Whole Life policy that pays you dividends to the Joint Whole Life that covers two people under one policy, Kanawha are sure you will find a policy to fit your individual needs.

Traditional Whole Life

  • Whole Life to 100 Par (Form 00430 5/88)
  • Life Paid Up at 95 (Form 00050 4/84)
  • Joint Whole Life (Form 00525 7/93 JFLTD)
  • Whole Life – Memorial Fund (Form 00800 1/88 Generic)
  • Single Premium Whole Life (Form 00920 10/88)

Valuable Features:

  • Discounts for non-smokers on all policies except the Memorial Fund policy
  • Issue ages to age 70, age 84 Memorial Fund

Optional Riders (not available on all policies):

  • Waiver of Premium for Disability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Spouse and Children Term

Kanawha Term Insurance

If you are looking to maximize your coverage and keep your premium affordable, choose one of Kanawha's Term insurance policies. Kanawha offer one year and ten year renewable coverage where the death benefit never decreases, or a Decreasing Term policy that offers a death benefit that decreases as your mortgage principal decreases.

Term Insurance Policies

  • Executive Yearly Renewable Term (Form 20013 11/88)
  • Ten Year Level Term (Form 20800 2/88)
  • Juvenile Term (Form 20305 1/88)
  • 9% Mortgage Decreasing Term (Form 43000 8/88)

Valuable Features:

  • Low premium when compared to Whole Life policies
  • Discounts for non-smokers on all policies (except Juvenile Term)

Optional Riders (not available on all policies):

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Waiver of Premium for Disability
  • Spouse and Children Term




210 South White Street,
Post Office Box 610,
South Carolina - 29721-0610

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