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Jefferson Pilot Financial - Life Insurance

The Jefferson Pilot Financial Story

The Jefferson Pilot Financial story began nearly 100 years ago with two well-respected companies, Jefferson Standard, founded in 1907, and Pilot Life, founded in 1903. Jefferson Standard was hailed by a local newspaper as the biggest corporation ever launched in North Carolina. After only five months of operation, Jefferson Standard had almost a million dollars of life insurance in force. The company reached a billion dollars of life insurance in force in 1951 and passed $7 billion in 1984. Pilot Life was also growing steadily when Jefferson Standard purchased controlling interest in the company in 1945.

The two companies joined forces under the new holding company, Jefferson-Pilot Corporation, in 1968. Their combined efforts reached approximately $40 billion of life insurance in force by the end of 1986. On January 1, 1987, the two companies merged to form Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company, with $3.8 billion in assets.

Since 1994 Jefferson-Pilot completed four major acquisitions including Chubb Life Insurance Company of America (since renamed Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company), Alexander Hamilton Life, Guarantee Life Insurance Company and in force life insurance of Kentucky Central Life. Effective August 1, 2000, Alexander Hamilton Life and Guarantee Life Insurance Company were merged into Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company. The additions brought total assets to more than $26 billion and positioned the companies that make up the new Jefferson Pilot Financial among the top life insurance organizations in the U.S. Together, the companies have more than $210 billion of life insurance in force.

Jefferson Pilot Financial product offerings, already among the broadest in the industry, continue to expand as they reach out to people across the country. Jefferson are licensed to operate in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The company’s stock is traded on the New York, Midwest and Pacific Stock Exchanges. They are proud of their heritage. Where they have been is the foundation from which they build for tomorrow. Jefferson Pilot Financial are stronger and better positioned than ever before, which means they can offer their clients the products and services they need to plan for their future and their shareholders and employees the vision to realize their goals.

Jefferson Pilot Financial - The Next Chapter

Never before has Jefferson Pilot Financial been so poised for success. They have the strength of their product portfolio and the commitment of their people. Throughout the year and on into the new millennium, they will continue to combine these two critical resources to ensure the success of their clients' goals and dreams. By helping their clients manage their money, they help them gain control over their future. Instead of taking life as it comes, Jefferson Pilot Financial help them make life what they want it to be. This is an important job.

But it's not a cookie cutter task. Each client's case is different. Each client's dreams are different. Jefferson's field representatives are the best in the industry at listening to understand where you are at this particular point in your life and exactly what you envision for the future. A continued emphasis on this personal approach to customer service is the only way they can continue to help their clients make the best, most financially sound, decisions for the future.

Moving forward Jefferson Pilot Financial are charged with a wonderful opportunity to help their clients write the story of their lives. They are fueled by the dedication of their employees and agents.

The next chapter for Jefferson Pilot Financial will undoubtedly be a fulfilling one.

Group Term Life, Dependent Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Coverage

Jefferson Pilot Financial offers a wide-range of choices that are sure to please even the most particular employer. These choices meet the employer’s need for cost management and, at the same time, serve to help valued employees responsibly secure their financial resources.

Life and AD&D Highlights

  • Both True Group and Voluntary Life and AD&D coverage available for groups of 10 or more lives
  • Flexible plan designs and liberal guarantee issue amounts available
  • Competitive rates available for most occupations
  • Multi-year rate guarantees available
  • Employee and dependent term life coverage available
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage available to insured employees
  • Optional Living Benefit (Accelerated Death Benefit) available to terminally-ill insured employees
  • Extension of Death Benefit (Waiver of Premium) available in the event an insured employee or dependent becomes permanently disabled
  • Life conversion privilege available to insured employees and dependents
  • Portability available through Voluntary program


8801 Indian Hills Drive,
NE 68114

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