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Franklin Life Insurance Company - Life Insurance

About Franklin Life Insurance Company

Franklin Life Insurance Company has nearly 3,000 sales associates serving approximately a million policyowners throughout the U.S. Whether you are seeking the right products for your financial future or the right path toward a new career, The Franklin can guide you. Find out about this top organization and locate the Franklin associate near you by browsing their Web site.

The Franklin Life Insurance Products

Regardless of the type, life insurance offers a death benefit. When an insured individual dies, the benefit goes to a named beneficiary. A life insurance policy is a legally binding contract under which the insurance company agrees to pay a certain amount of money upon the death of the insured party, in return for payment of premium.

Term Life Insurance

A "pure" death-benefit policy, it offers no cash value and usually has a lower premium than permanent insurance policies. The death benefit protection is for a given period of time. Some term insurance can be converted to a permanent product, which builds a cash value.

Level Term - A product that offers coverage for a fixed period of time, 10 years, for example. Franklin offers a variety of level term products varying from 5 to 30 years. You select the plan length that best serves your needs.

Annual Renewal Term - A product that is renewable on an annual basis at a slightly higher premium than the previous year's. Initial premiums usually are lower than the level term products.

Whole Life

A permanent life insurance product that provides a death benefit for the entire life of an individual as long as premiums are paid. It offers a level premium. The cash value can be used to purchase more insurance or can be considered an emergency fund; the insured can borrow against the policy. Franklin offers a variety of whole life products to meet your needs.

Blended Whole Life - A portion of the death benefit in this whole life product is composed of term insurance. As the premium is paid through the years, the term insurance element is replaced by permanent insurance. The policyowner can choose the premium amount and coverage desired by setting the mix of permanent and term insurance and can accelerate the cash value buildup. Franklin offers the CustomPlus blended whole life policy.

Riders - can be added to the whole life policy to increase death benefits, protect other family members, waive the premium requirements should the client become disabled, and to pay monthly benefits to partially replace income lost due to disability.

Interest-sensitive Life Insurance

This is a form of permanent life insurance that is tied to interest rate movements and/or market performance.

Flexible Premium Variable Life - This product offers a death benefit and cash value based on the performance of underlying investment divisions. Some of these policies contain guaranteed elements. American Franklin Life offers the EquiBuilder III Flexible Premium Variable Life product with investment portfolios provided by Fidelity Investments® and Massachusetts Financial Services.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance provides for the "forgotten need," the need for income when accident or illness disables the insured person. It can provide a fixed monthly income and be enhanced with options such as an additional monthly income benefit, a monthly income benefit during lengthy hospitalization, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage. The Franklin's products include Income Protection Plus, which accumulates a cash value, and Income Protection, which does not.


As the nation's third-largest writer of new individual life insurance premium, The Franklin Life Insurance Company provide security and peace of mind for over 8 million customers. They offer a range of products from basic term life insurance, to an array of fixed and variable life insurance and annuities, to sophisticated retirement planning and estate planning solutions.

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