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ForInsurance - Life Insurance

About ForInsurance offer the average consumer the most competitive rates from the best insurance companies in the US, and provide the most comprehensive information on insurance-related products to make those life events a little easier to manage. This is their mission…

  • ForInsurance is a FREE insurance shopping service that allows you to compare rates from multiple carriers by simply filling out one online form.
  • By matching your profile with multiple insurance companies, the ForInsurance detailed application form ensures you will receive all the quotes available to you.
  • Comparison shop for insurance on your schedule and do it securely without sales pressure.
  • You'll receive firm quotes from some of the nation's top carriers, rather than estimates that will increase when more information is gathered.
  • You select the best bidder from a group of Insurance companies competing for your business!
  • ForInsurance take your privacy seriously. The information you provide is used only to determine your rates and will always remain private. Your personal information will never be resold, traded, leased or rented to any third parties.

ForInsurance - Types of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique asset, which is a valuable addition to your overall estate due to its potentially high yield and tax-favored benefits. Life insurance can be used for any number of reasons. In choosing the type of life insurance policy you purchase, consideration must be given to the need which is being filled: funding retirement needs, creation of an estate, payment of estate settlement costs (federal and state death taxes, last illness and burial costs, probate fees, etc.), business buy-out, key-man coverage, etc.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Term or Permanent Insurance?

There's been much debate over which kind of insurance is best: The flexibility and low-cost of term vs. the security and potential growth of permanent. In either case, it all depends on you and your specific needs.

You purchase a policy for a specified period of time (term) and pay a given premium. After the term, you may renew your policy with an adjusted appropriate premium, depending on your health and age. If you miss a payment, it may automatically be cancelled. Your policy is paid out only upon death within duration of the term.

Permanent (Cash-Value):
This life insurance generally has a "permanent" premium: it remains constant throughout the duration of the policy and usually thereafter as well. There are several different types of permanent insurance with different traits:

Ordinary or Whole:
your premiums usually remain stable and must be paid periodically during the policy's duration. Much like term, you have a pre-determined death benefit, however, your premiums are invested on behalf of the policy, providing a guaranteed cash build-up. Later, this cash value may then be applied towards the premium itself (in effect paying for itself). You can also use the cash value as collateral and borrow it (i.e. borrowing against a house mortgage).

Universal or Adjustable:
Basically, you'll have cheaper premiums than you would with ordinary/whole insurance and still keep most of the same benefits. However, the cash value build-up is not guaranteed and depends heavily on the your invested premiums' performance. Bottom-line: cheaper rates but less certainty about any extra cash.

Much like universal insurance except it links your death benefits and premiums directly to your investment's performance. You'll also have more control over how the premiums are invested. Variable/adjustable life insurance is so much like "normal" investing that agents offering it must be licensed securities dealers and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.



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