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Federated Insurance Company of Canada -
Life Insurance

About the Federated Insurance Company of Canada

The Federated Insurance Companies of Canada are 100% Canadian owned subsidiaries of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Licensed in all provinces, Federated offers property, automobile, general liability, life, and health insurance products for commercial businesses and personal lines markets. This national presence is achieved through exclusive agents; their Risk Services Coordinators are directly employed and comprehensively trained by Federated Insurance.

Federated Insurance Companies of Canada have enjoyed a successful history based on a strategy of specialization. Concentrating on the business insurance needs of selected prime markets including construction trade contractors, farm implement dealers, tire dealers, petroleum distributors, automobile dealers and others, they are sensitive to their particular requirements. Federated Insurance Companies of Canada takes pride in the long term relationships nurtured with these industries and the correspondingly close ties they have established with many of their regional and national Associations.

Federated Insurance Companies of Canada rely on the strengths of their past, but are attentive to their clients' changing protection needs. It is an awareness gained by their efforts at specialized services and coverages, personal contact and through regular customer surveys. Vision driven, their decisions are rooted in maintaining the trust between purchaser and provider.

The focus on the unique insurance issues of their clients extends beyond marketing and product development. Federated Insurance Companies of Canada are further committed to specialized training for their Underwriting, Claims and Loss Control services. Their employees are dedicated to the delivery of creative valued solutions based on their experience and knowledge of their customers' challenges.

In addition to the changes faced by their customers, Federated is cognizant of the demands placed on their own industry. Federated Insurance Companies of Canada's pro-active approach to the various technological pressures and competitive forces will enable them to maintain overall product delivery that is efficient and cost effective.

The Federated Insurance Company of Canada has accomplished a positive impression as a corporate citizen through fulfilling employment opportunities in offices across the country, through community event sponsorship, and through a charitable donation plan that includes matching employee contributions to any organization of the employee's choice.

Federated is dedicated to maintaining a financially sound organization over the long term, worthy of the trust their customers place in them. Federated Insurance enjoys a rating of "A excellent" from A.M. Best Company. Federated Life has the highest rating of 8 in solvency test measures by T.R.A.C.

Federated Insurance Company of Canada Products

General Information
Federated's ability to fulfill all your insurance needs can save you time and money. Federated Insurance Companies of Canada's tradition of high quality products combined with a "one stop" approach simplifies your buying process while enhancing your satisfaction. Yet they understand the "added values" are really benefits to you at no cost. Their direct marketing approach allows them to deliver it your place.

Because Federated Insurance Companies of Canada specialize in the types of businesses that need their professional expertise and innovative product lines, let them design a tailor made program for you that is individual to your specific business operation. If your business is one of their target markets, you can just benefit by a visit from one of their Risk Services Coordinators.

Commercial Insurance Product Line
Federated's wide range of commercial insurance products are designed to help your business recover from the serious or catastrophic type of loss.

Financial hardship can and does come in many forms; large liability losses resulting from a product that was sold or installed by you to, your involvement in a multiple vehicle accident. In addition, large property losses resulting from a serious fire can cripple the business' ability to retain its key employees and maintain profitability during the reconstruction period. This often results in a reopened business without experienced, trained staff or any operating capital. Ironically the business survives the physical loss from the fire and reopens but has to close a short time later because of a lack of experienced people and adequate working capital.

Federated's commercial insurance products are built by their people after consultation with people in your industry. They are built to protect the unique losses that your industry does experience. Federated Insurance Companies of Canada's specialized products are only available from your local Federated Risk Services Coordinators. They are trained to look after the unique insurance needs related to your business. Call your local Federated Risk Services Coordinator for a complete insurance analysis.

Life Insurance & Disability Income Products
How long has it been since you last looked at you personal financial or corporate succession plan? Have you made preparations to ensure your business or personal goals and desires will be achieved regardless of your state of health? Your local Federated Representative can help you ensure your family or business will always have the ability to carry out your wishes.

Federated's Individual Life Insurance, Disability Income and Critical Illness products provide you peace of mind. Your goals and dreams are protected from the potential financial disaster that results from a wide spectrum of medically crippling, life altering events.

Federated Life Insurance Company of Canada offers a variety of term life and interest sensitive life insurance products to protect the financial future of Federated Insurance Companies of Canada's Clients.

Federated Insurance Companies of Canada's Critical Illness insurance provides assistance when there is a diagnosis of any of ten major illnesses. The resulting lump sum payment can be used for any purpose. To give a few examples, the money has been used by some to finance experimental medical treatments not provided in Canada, to make home alterations to accommodate a revised lifestyle, and for final vacations with families.

Individual Disability Income insurance guarantees you will have an income paid to you if you contract an illness or have an accident that prevents you from doing your job. Your ability to earn an income provides you and your family the quality of life they now enjoy. What steps have you taken to ensure you will continue to receive an income if you become disabled through an accident or illness?

Group Insurance Products
Are you having trouble attracting and retaining quality employees? Do you have a positive reputation for employee relations within your community? Are you concerned that just another salary increase is too costly and may not be truly appreciated by your employees? The solution may be in a well designed group insurance program.

Contact your local Federated Risk Services Coordinator. With your assistance they will design a group insurance program to meet the needs of your business operations and your employees.

717 Portage Ave,
Manitoba R3C 3C9

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