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Equitable Life Assurance Society - Life Insurance

About Equitable Life Assurance Society

The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (Equitable) is a respected leader in the insurance industry; governments, institutions, corporations, foundations and individuals rely on their products. They rely on their strength and their experience.

For more than a century, outstanding insurance and annuity products have been the hallmark of Equitable. Equitable is an insurance powerhouse with a visible presence providing a wide range of high-quality products.

The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States (Equitable) is one of the nation's premier providers of life insurance, annuities, and other needs-based products and services for the rapidly expanding financial services market. At year-end 1999, Equitable Life's book of business consisted of over $256 billion in life insurance and $59 billion of annuity contracts in force - representing a customer base of millions.

Equitable's Portfolio Of Valuable Products
Innovative from the start, Equitable has worked hard for more than a century to respond to the needs of the marketplace with products that provide real solutions. In 1976, for example, Equitable Life Assurance Society pioneered variable life, the first investment-based life insurance in the United States and remains a leader in this vital market.

Equitable Life Assurance Society offers a complete portfolio of traditional and variable life insurance and, fixed and variable annuities for your financial lifetime. Wherever you are in your life - starting a family or starting a business, newly wed or newly retired - Equitable Life Assurance Society has the insurance products and services that can help meet your needs, present and future.

In 1980, Equitable Life Assurance Society's premier variable annuity product, EQUI-VEST®, was launched. Since then, in response to market demands and new technologies, Equitable has enhanced it many times, for both current and new clients. For more than a century, dedication to making something good even better has been a hallmark of Equitable service.

Since it was introduced, AccumulatorSM, Equitable's newest line of combination fixed and variable annuities, has garnered the attention of clients, the press and the competition. These annuities pioneer innovative solutions to a generation's concern about outliving its retirement nest egg.

Equitable - Individual Life Insurance

Understanding is the Best Beginning
With life insurance, there are five key, interrelated variables which the thoughtful life insurance buyer should take into consideration:

The uncertainties inherent in the contract. How long and how much you'll have to pay to ensure that the policy stays inforce; also, any investment risk involved.

Our promise to you. It can involve the amount of the premiums and the number of years you'll have to pay, the minimum death benefit and/or the minimum cash value.

Your ability to make changes once the policy is in effect. It can include the timing of your premium payments; the adjustability of both your payments and the death benefit; and, when investment options are involved, your ability to control or change them.

Growth Potential
The possibility of growth based on the premiums you've paid over the years. It can affect both the cash value of the policy and the amount of death benefit. In exchange for the potential, you must be willing to tolerate any investment risk involved: generally, the greater the potential for growth, the greater the risk.

Your cost. Not just how much you pay now—and later—but also the time frames of those payments.

A Complete Portfolio
Equitable Life Assurance Society has a portfolio of well-designed products which cover the spectrum of life insurance categories: term, whole life, universal life and variable life. Their diversified portfolio also includes second-to-die insurance policies for both universal life and variable life. These policies can provide the cash to help pay estate taxes at the death of the surviving spouse.

Variable Life
An innovative combination of investment opportunity and insurance protection. The potential for growth is there, but, as a consumer, you assume the risk for the policy's cash value both in terms of any potential growth or loss. Like universal life, variable life offers a great amount of flexibility.

Joint Survivorship Variable Life
Insures two lives, generally a husband and wife, under one policy and pays the benefit after the death of the last surviving insured. It has both the benefits and risks of individual variable life insurance. It can be a valuable strategic tool in estate planning and asset protection.

Universal Life
Permanent life insurance which, when compared to whole life, offers fewer guarantees, but generally at a lower initial cost. It also offers a good deal of flexibility.

Joint Survivorship Universal Life
Another type of second-to-die policy which offers many of the estate protection advantages of variable survivorship. It also includes many of the features of universal life insurance.

Whole Life
Permanent life insurance with a number of guarantees. It incorporates a savings element where cash value can grow tax deferred.

The insurance you buy to fill a need for a limited period of time. The risks are relatively low, and the death benefit is guaranteed. Initially, it can be the least expensive life insurance.

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