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Equitable Life & Casualty - Life Insurance

About Equitable Life & Casualty

Equitable Life & Casualty is a unique insurance company that specializes in providing Life, Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care coverage to The Ultimate Generation ... today’s Senior Americans. It is the character of The Equitable Family that sets them apart. Since 1935, they have earned a national reputation of caring for their policyowners, their agents, and their employees .

The products and personalized service that Equitable Life & Casualty provide policyowners are second to none. They deliver the service that exceeds your expectations.

Equitable Life & Casualty reaches a milestone as they embrace the first decade of the 21st Century, a defining moment they share with everyone who is a part of The Equitable Family. We turn 65 ... achieving "senior status."

In 1935, a young doctor had the idea to start a business with the notion that it would be successful as long as people were treated fairly and equally. With vision and good, old-fashioned hard work, this "idea" became Equitable Life & Casualty.

Equitable Life & Casualty have come a long way from those humble beginnings during the Great Depression. Our world has changed in many, many ways. With advancements in medical science and changes in our lifestyles and habits, we have the ability to live longer and healthier lives - to celebrate our aging and share it with our families and loved ones.

Yet we face an inescapable truth. Our society is getting older. This "aging of America" presents unique challenges and opportunities for Equitable to serve The Ultimate Generation ... today's Senior Americans. To meet those challenges Equitable Life & Casualty offer only the best in life and health insurance protection along with unmatched superior customer service. This is their opportunity to assure peace of mind for the thousands of lives they touch every day.

It is the character of The Equitable Family that sets them apart. Over the years, they have earned a national reputation of caring - for their policyowners, their agents and their employees. The value of that relationship cannot be measured in dollars; and they will passionately guard and preserve it.

Equitable Life & Casualty are proud to carry on into the future. They remain dedicated to this pioneering vision of helping America's seniors and their families live happier and more financially secure lives. At Equitable, they have the experience and expertise, the vision to be daring and different, along with the financial strength to keep their promises today and for generations to come.

Equitable Life & Casualty are focused on one goal - to be The Premier Life and Health Insurer for The Ultimate Generation ... today's Senior Americans. With their legacy of caring, of treating all fairly and equally, The Equitable Family will continue to flourish.

Equitable Life & Casualty - Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to protect against the financial risk associated with your death. It may also help you provide to your loved ones the financial resources and security you want for their future. Think of the common needs associated with the purchase of life insurance: mortgage and debt protection, funds to pay any final expenses (medical and/or funeral) or estate taxes, income for your spouse and family, the care of a child with "special needs", or perhaps the funding needed for the education of a child or grandchild. If these are concerns in your life, then a life insurance policy may be something you should consider.

Some people fulfill their philanthropic desires with life insurance designed to assist the funding of a favorite charitable organization, church or educational institution. So as you can see, there are many "needs" that can be covered with life insurance.

When you buy life insurance you want the type of coverage that best fits your needs. While life insurance is primarily there to cover the financial effects of an unexpected or untimely death, it is also a way for you to plan for the future. A good agent can help you in reviewing your needs and give you helpful information about the type of policy that is right for you.

Whatever your needs may be, a life insurance policy has the potential to help you achieve financial security and, at the same time, creates the ability for you and your loved ones to realize your dreams.

A Little More Life

Because you want to leave more than good memories.

A Little More Life is a whole life insurance plan with unique special features and options that will help reduce the emotional stress and financial burden on loved ones.

This plan is for those that want to:

  • Leave a legacy to loved ones.
  • Relieve the burden of paying off debts - medical or funeral expenses, and/or taxes.
  • Replace lost Social Security or pension income. Upon the death of a spouse, Social Security payments to a surviving spouse can be permanently reduced by 1/3 or more of the total they received together.

Grand Gift

A gift that will always be remembered. A patented product available only from Equitable.

GRANDgift is a guarantee-issue, whole life insurance policy / gift service designed to provide loving grandparents a unique, timely and affordable gift for grandchildren that will say "I love you" long after they are gone.

GRANDgift is also a unique, timely and affordable way to leave money to a church or charitable organization and to be remembered for the gift.

How it works:

On any special occasion selected (i.e.: Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Easter, Anniversary), Equitable will send that grandchild(ren) a check in the amount specified with a special card that describes the arrangements made. Your "gift" will be paid each year, for 10 years.

No doubt, grandchildren will be delighted with the money that is sent. But the true joy and uniqueness of receiving GRANDgift will be the renewed memories of a cherished loved one.

  • Issue Ages From 45 to 85
  • Guaranteed Issue - No Health Questions
  • Minimum $25 per year for 10 years; Maximum $1,000 per year for 10 years
  • Premiums Guaranteed to Never Increase
  • Coverage From First Day Of Issue
  • Extended Reinstatement Period - Protection Against Unintended Lapse
  • Premium Payment Plans: Single, 3-year, 5-year, 10-year, or Continuous Pay
  • Proceeds Generally Pass Free of Taxes to Beneficiaries

The policy described above is not available in all states. The policy contains certain limitations and exclusions, which may vary by state.

3 Triad Center,
Salt Lake City,
Utah 84180-1211

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