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Country Insurance and Financial Services -
Life Insurance

About Country Insurance and Financial Services

COUNTRY Insurance & Financial Services SM helps families, individuals and businesses protect themselves from the unexpected and achieve financial security. Country Insurance offer a full range of insurance and financial products and services from auto, home and life insurance to investment management services and mutual funds.

Country Insurance are unlike many in their business. They are not huge, they are not pushy, they are not slick, and they are not the in-your-face type.

Country Insurance are knowledgeable, straightforward and reliable — everything you would expect from an organization called COUNTRY SM. When you contact Country Insurance, you always have the option of talking to a real person. When you have a claim they will put you in touch with an expert who can answer all your questions and help relieve the stress you're experiencing. And if you get frustrated with all the insurance and financial jargon in the business, they will help cut through the confusion.

Country Insurance pride themselves on being there for customers when they need them and having the know-how to simplify all financial and insurance issues and procedures. College graduates may simply need insurance for a car and apartment. Newly married couples may need home, life, and disability income insurance. Parents who have sent their last child to college may need advice on financial planning. Or, retirees may need a few investments to make them feel more secure. Country Insurance can help you find solutions that give you financial security and protection through every stage of your life.

Country Insurance Promise to you is that they will be straightforward and reliable in every experience you have with them.

Country Life Insurance

Life insurance can protect your family in case you die prematurely. It can also pay off your mortgage if you or your spouse dies unexpectedly.

But life insurance can be complex and sometimes hard to understand. At COUNTRY Insurance & Financial ServicesSM, we want to make sure you always have answers to your questions. So before making any decisions about life insurance:

  • Check out Country Insurance - Insurance Made Easy section. You'll find answers to many of the most common questions their customers have about life insurance.
  • Contact a COUNTRY agent, and ask for a Discovery Process, which includes your own Financial EKG analysis. Then you'll have the information you need to choose the insurance program that's right for you.

For complete information, be sure to contact a COUNTRY agent.

COUNTRY Life Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Life Assurance Company® have been awarded membership in the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, or IMSA.

The Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) is an independent and voluntary certification process that promotes high standards of ethical market conduct in advertising, sales and service for life insurance and annuity policies. IMSA membership is granted to organizations after an extensive audit of marketing practices and procedures.

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