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Continental American Insurance Group -
Life Insurance

About Continental American Insurance Group

Over the last twenty years, Continental American has distinguished itself as a leading provider of voluntary insurance products at the worksite. Today, thousands of working Americans choose Continental American to protect themselves and their families.

Continental American Insurance Group is an insurance holding company which offers a broad portfolio of products through its subsidiaries and various joint venture partners.

While Continental American have secured a reputation for industry-leading products, the success of Continental American can also be attributed to our commitment to state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service. The culture of their organization is strongly rooted in its dedication to customer service. Continental American have the knowledge and technical infrastructure to provide highly responsive and flexible support to ensure their customers’ needs are satisfied. Continental American was founded on the philosophy of putting the customer first. Everything they do reflects that core value.

As Continental American look toward the future, they are excited about the opportunities tghey see for continuing to expand and enhance the concept of voluntary insurance products marketed at the worksite. Continental American will invest their energy and creativity in exploring new products and services that respond to the changing needs of the workforce. And as always, they will demonstrate their philosophy of placing customers first.

Continental American Products

Continental American offers a full line of voluntary payroll deducted insurance products that provide personal and family protection to working Americans. Provided on both standard and customized options, their product portfolio includes Disability Income, Universal Life, Accident, Cancer and Critical Illness. Across the nation, Continental American's products are recognized for quality of benefits, competitive price and special features, such as portability -- the ability for policyholders to keep their coverage if they retire or change jobs.

Product Philosophy
Benefit managers face many tough decisions in today's workplace. Employers are determined to contain and even reduce spending on benefit programs. Healthcare costs continue to increase at an alarming rate making core benefits even more expensive to offer. The workforce has become mobile and transient, changing jobs more frequently as better offers come along. In addition, employees demand more benefit choices and options than ever before.

Voluntary insurance programs can help address some of the problems that benefit managers face. Voluntary products supplement existing programs to enhance the company's benefit package. Employees may then choose the product or products that best meet their insurance needs. All of this is done with no direct cost to the employer. Employees pay the premium for the products they purchase. The employer provides only minimal administrative support - the insurance company does the rest.

Offering voluntary products on a group platform provides several benefits over traditional individual products. Typically, group premiums are lower than most comparable individual products. Furthermore, group products allow for easier and more flexible enrollments. When offering traditional individual products to employees of a multi-state company, the enrollers would be required to use separate forms for each state and the benefits may change from state to state.

With group products however, one application could be used for every location and the benefits and rates stay the same. Enrollment may also be conducted in a variety of methods that would be difficult to conduct with traditional individual product.

Universal Life

Continental American's Group Universal Life plan provides financial security for an insecure world. As most people do not have the life insurance coverage that they need, their group universal life plan is designed to provide flexible, permanent coverage that adjusts to the changing needs of an insured employee and his family.

Plan Features

  • No medical exam required
  • Flexible Premium Amount and Coverage – the insured determines the appropriate amount of coverage based upon particular needs
  • Plan qualifications involve a few basic underwriting questions
  • Builds Cash Value on a Tax Deferred Basis
  • Portable Lifetime Coverage
  • Dollar Increase
  • Policy Loans and Withdrawals
  • Living Benefit
  • Waiver of Monthly Deduction
  • Detailed policy statements provided annually

Coverage is only available through payroll deduction. These plans were designed for use of groups with a minimum of 50 eligible employees. A minimum number of 15 accepted applicants is needed to set up group billing.

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