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Columbian Life - Life Insurance

About Columbian Life

Columbian Life - The life insurance company with universal vision and family focus.

A.M. Best’s Rating: EXCELLENT (A-)

Columbian Life Insurance Company, an Illinois domiciled stock company, is a part of the Columbian Financial Group. The parent company, Columbian Mutual Life, is domiciled in Binghamton, New York and has been providing quality life insurance protection since 1882. Columbian Life Insurance Company are proud of their heritage of providing affordable protection through consumer-oriented products, superior service and management’s commitment to financial stability.

The Columbian Life Insurance Company portfolio covers a full range of highly competitive life insurance products:

  • Home Service
  • Worksite Voluntary Benefits
  • Ordinary
  • Universal Life
  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Preneed
  • Final Expense

Columbian Life Insurance Company design their products with you in mind. From their Company’s beginning, they have had a commitment to providing value to their policyholders. Columbian Life Insurance Company strive to meet the everyday, as well as the long-term needs of you and those close to you. Your Columbian Agent can help you accomplish your goals by designing coverage that suits your specific needs.

Columbian also offers you supportive customer service. They understand that when you call, you need answers to your questions. Columbian Life Insurance Company's well-trained staff is prepared to offer you the assistance you need at the time you need it. Their objective is client satisfaction.

Columbian Life History

History is an important factor in choosing a reliable life insurer; you have a century of experience behind you when you choose Columbian. Columbian Mutual, the parent company of Columbian Life, has a proud heritage of growth, financial stability, and strength stretching over 115 years. Columbian Life Insurance Company always put their clients first by keeping pace with change. Their goal is to bring a fresh approach and a new-found energy to winning your trust as the insurance company for your future.

1882 - Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company is incorporated as the American Protective Association in Brooklyn, New York.
1907 - Name changes to Columbian Protective Association and the Home Office is moved to Binghamton, New York.
1952 - Columbian Protective is mutualized and renamed Columbian Mutual Life Insurance Company.
1970 to 1988 - Business expands to 30 new states and territories.
1990 - Columbian Life Insurance Company, our Illinois-domiciled stock life insurance subsidiary, begins accepting business. Columbian Mutual expands to 50 jurisdictions.
1991 - Columbian Mutual acquires Washington National Life Insurance Company of New York (WNLIC).
1996 - Columbian Mutual establishes a wholly owned marketing/sales subsidiary, Golden Eagle Sales Corp.
1997 - Columbian expands its product line to include Worksite Marketing.
1998 - Columbian Family Life is named as a new member of Columbian Financial Group.
1999 - Columbian Mutual, Columbian Life and Columbian Family Life become IMSA certified.


IMSA is an independent, voluntary organization created by the life insurance industry as another means to ensure that companies meet and maintain high standards of ethical conduct in their dealings with consumers. IMSA membership complements Columbian Life Insurance Company's ongoing compliance activities required under state law.

The Company went through a rigorous assessment by an independent examiner trained and qualified by IMSA to assert that Columbian Life Insurance Company have met IMSA standards. The assessment and review process must be repeated every three years in order for a company to remain a member of IMSA.

Columbian Life Insurance Company's acceptance in IMSA means that they:

  • Maintain policies and procedure that demonstrate a commitment to honesty, fairness and integrity in all customer contacts involving sales and service of their individual life and annuity products.
  • Emphasize to all employees and distributors the concepts of ethical market conduct through ongoing communications programs.
  • Review their advertising materials regularly for clarity, honesty and fairness.
  • Examine their sales materials continually to ensure that they are current, acccurate, and in accordance with current laws and regulations.
  • Monitor the sales process carefully, on a regular basis, and obtain and respond to customer feedback.
  • Engage in fair and active competition consistent with state and federal laws, and communicate this practice to distributors and employees involved in the sales process.

Columbian Life Insurance Company's continued adherence to these high standards depends on the hard work and dedication of every member of the team both in the field and at their Home and Administrative Offices.

Vestal Parkway East,
NY 13902-1391

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