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Colonial Life of Texas - Life Insurance

About Colonial Life of Texas

Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas was chartered and has been providing life and disablility coverages since 1978. The company is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and is currently licensed to issue coverages in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Arizona. Colonial Life has maintained a steady profitable growth each year, and now has Assets in excess of twelve million dollars, and a Capital & Surplus in excess of nine million dollars.

Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas is associated with Colonial Savings, F.A. and Fort Worth Mortgage Company. With this close relationship, Colonial Life has specialized in Mortgage Cancellation Insurance, Decreasing Term, and Mortgage Disability types of insurance coverages that support the mortgage loans being managed by Colonial Savings, F.A.. A big advantage to the Colonial Savings' customers is that the premiums may be added and paid with the monthly mortgage payments.

In addition to the four states listed above, Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas has agreements with several other Insurance Companies which will allow them to provide insurance coverages to Colonial Savings' customers in the other states.

Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas has also developed coverages, other than mortgage type insurance, that may be purchased by individuals other than Colonial Savings' customers.

What If

you died tonight? Could your family make the mortgage payment without you? What if you were sick or had an accident and couldn't work? What then? Without a job, would you lose your home because of your health?

Relax. There is no need to worry. If you qualify, mortgage insurance coverage can be yours through Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas. You'll find that peace of mind can be quite affordable with Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas.


Mortgage Life Insurance
Various mortgage cancellation or decreasing term life coverages are available that can provide coverages to pay off your mortgage loan in case of your death. You may purchase the type of policy to meet your mortgage needs with Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas.

Mortgage Disability Insurance
Various disability coverages are available that can make your mortgage payments for up to two years if you should become disabled. Both "accident only coverages" and "accident or sickness" coverages are available.

Mortgage Accidental Death Or Disability Insurance - Plus 3
This is very affordable coverage that will pay off your mortgage loan if you die from an accident and/or refund three months of mortgage payments if you should become disabled due to an accident.

Critical Period Insurance
This is affordable 5 Year Renewable & Convertible Term coverage that will make your mortgage payments for up to two years following your death, plus an additional amount up to $10,000 in a lump sum to cover final expenses. This will allow your loved ones time to settle your affairs.

Final Benefit Whole Life Insurance
Various whole life coverages that may be issued for up to $20,000 through age 75. Both single and joint lives coverages available. Also, Easy Issue Whole Life available which may be issued to persons with health problems by modifying the benefits for the first two years.

$1,000,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
With premiums of only $9.75 a month, this coverage will provide a $1,000,000 benefit if death or dismemberment results from an accident in a common carrier, $100,000 benefit if due to an accident with a moving vehicle, or $25,000 if due to other type of accident. Additional coverages for the family may be included for a total monthly premium of $11.75.

Additional Coverages
Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas has various other coverages available for your protection. These include: 5 Year Renewable & Convertible Term, Family Accident, Annual Renewable Term, and Hospital Confinement. Other type coverages are being developed for future sales.

If you have a mortgage loan with Colonial Savings, for your convenience, you may choose to have the premiums on any of the Colonial Life's coverages added to your monthly mortgage payment.


P.O. Box 2543
Fort Worth,
TX 76113

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