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Co-operators - Life Insurance

About Co-operators

At The Co-operators, they have always worked hard to be more than just an insurance company. Through their numerous charitable activities across Canada, they are an active and growing part of your community. And for many Agents and staff, that's not just a corporate philosophy, it's a way of life.

Co-operators giving does not stop with the writing of a cheque. Whether it's spearheading local initiatives like Neighbourhood Watch or raising funds for a local hospital, you'll find their Agents and staff rolling up their sleeves and getting involved. Here are some examples of how The Co-operators is working hard to make communities better, safer places to live and work.

Co-operators have also joined the growing roster of caring companies that are members of Imagine, an initiative of the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy. Imagine encourages Canadians to find new ways to increase support to the voluntary organizations and networks that are at the core of their communities. To this end, Co-operators have made a commitment to make minimum annual donations of one percent of their pre-tax profits to meet the needs of their communities.

Our Commitment to Canadian communities has been an important part of the Co-operators culture for more than 50 years. From their rural beginnings, they have expanded their operations from coast to coast. Today, Co-operators have more than 800 service outlets across the country located in areas where the co-operative values of mutual self-help remain important.

Co-operators Core Values

Co-operators Mission Statement

The Co-operators:
financial security for Canadians and their communities.

Statement of Values

The Co-operators believes...

  • in holding the highest level of integrity as their standard of conduct
  • that their success depends on meeting and anticipating their clients’ needs
  • in enhancing the excellence of their products and services through continual innovation
  • in fostering open communication, teamwork and team spirit throughout the organization
  • that good business depends on responsible corporate citizenship
  • in the co-operative principles, which complement their values

Co-operators History

More than 50 years ago, a group of Saskatchewan wheat farmers pooled their collective resources to start an insurance co-operative. A year later, a similar insurance co-operative was started in Ontario. Years later these two initiatives joined to become The Co-operators, today the largest, wholly Canadian owned multi-line insurance company.

With assets of over $4 billion, Co-operators are proud of their achievements, their solid financial strength and proven stability. Co-operators' track record of steady growth and prudent investment practices ensures they will be here to meet your changing insurance needs.

The Co-operators is proud of their roots as a Canadian cooperative. And staying true to their roots has always been an important ingredient to their success. Co-operators believe the greatest fundamental strengths of their organization are their co-operative structure and their community-based approach.

The co-operative spirit which inspired their founders more than 50 years ago, continues to guide their organization today and into the future.

Life Insurance

A Better Way to Insure Your Life
One of the main benefits of life insurance is the peace of mind that comes with knowing the important people in your life will have financial security in the event of your death. Some life insurance products can also help meet your retirement and savings goals. Here's some important information on life insurance and the products offered by The Co-operators. Of course, if you have any questions, your Co-operators Agent is always available to help. Check their Agent Profile Pages to find the Agent closest to you.

Life insurance is provided through Co-operators Life Insurance Company.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance is a big decision. While you may be thinking, "I'm young, I'm healthy...I don't need life insurance," the unexpected can happen. Wouldn't you rather be prepared in advance?

Life insurance is for your survivors - a spouse, your children, other dependents. It can also pay off your mortgage or help you put money away for your child's education. It can also play a role in your retirement income.

But more importantly, life insurance offers you peace of mind because it ensures the security of family's financial future.

Questions about life insurance? A Co-operators Agent would be pleased to help. Check Co-operators Agent Profile Pages to find the Agent closest to you.


1920 College Avenue,
Saskatchewan S4P 1C4

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