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Central States Health and Life Co. - Life Insurance

About Central States Health and Life Co.

Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha (Central States/CSO) is a mutual company owned by its policyowners. Founded in 1932, Central States quickly made its mark offering a credit protection plan through banks in the Midwest. Today, over 65 years later, they offer a full line of individual health, life, worksite, and credit life and disability insurance plans and are licensed to do business in 49 states nationwide and Guam. (Not licensed in New York state.)

Company rating
Central States continues to experience solid growth, while always operating with a sound financial base. Rated "A-" Excellent by A.M. Best, a leading insurance industry analyst, Central States Health and Life Co. has received an excellent rating every year the current rating system has been used.

Central States Health and Life are dedicated to health and wellness, having co-founded the Wellness Council of the Midlands and the Wellness Council of America, a coalition of companies dedicated to promoting wellness in the worksite.

Central States Health and Life vision
Well on the way in their vision to be the best supplemental insurance company in the United States, Central States specializes in providing senior protection plans and supplemental insurance in worksite settings through payroll deduction; while still offering a complete line of individual health, disability and life plans. Go to "Protection Difference" or "Sales Difference" to find out more about these unique policies.

President's Message
Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha (CSO) enjoyed an excellent year in 1998. Throughout the year they concentrated on product innovation, improved service, and growth of premiums and surplus. In order to stay competitive, it is vital for the company to improve existing products and to develop innovative new products to meet market opportunities. Service to their customers and agents is evaluated continuously to insure that their high standards are maintained. Profitable premium growth ultimately enhances their surplus position, the comfort index which provides their customers peace of mind.

Trust the Difference
Each of us has a reason we're associated with CSO. Many customers value CSO's strong products and competitive prices. Others appreciate CSO's knowledgeable and friendly service representatives.

At CSO, they strive to provide excellent customer service. In 1999, they challenged themselves to become even more responsive and efficient. Central States Health and Life are confident you'll appreciate the difference.

Central States Health and Life Co. Insurance Products

Senior Protection
Whether you're looking for protection for you or a family member, Central States can help.

I'm 55 and my wife is 50 -- we've been hearing a lot about long term care insurance -- we want to be protected if one of us ever needs home health care or has to go into a nursing home, so we can stay independent and not have to go on Medicaid or be a burden to our children...

Long Term Care
Protect your independence and secure your future with long term care insurance from Central States. Their portfolio of tax-qualified plans covers many of the expenses not covered by Medicare or health insurance and are designed to help keep you in your home as long as possible. You're in control. You make the decisions on how you want to receive care, should you or your spouse ever need it. Long term care insurance premiums are now tax-qualified (for those who itemize) and certain long term care benefits are also tax-free.

Central States Health and Life comprehensive plan:

  • Provides a benefit account -- gives you greater flexibility in receiving benefits and maintaining your independence.
  • Pays for home health care and community services like meals on wheels, adult day care and chore services.
  • Home care options -- keeps you at home as long as possible.
  • Pays for all levels of care -- skilled, intermediate and custodial.
  • Care Coordinator Benefits -- personalized plan of care.
  • Plus, we offer long term care plans for every type of budget -- you choose the plan that is right for you.

I'm 58 and a single mother with one son in college. I know I need some type of nursing home coverage if I have to go into a nursing home, but with my expenses I can't afford long term care insurance. Is there a low-cost alternative to long term care insurance?

NEW Short Term Facility Care — Now available in 20 states.

Two out of every five Americans will spend some time in a nursing or assisted living facility. Of those, 75 percent will stay less than a year. There is an affordable way to protect yourself.

  • affordable coverage for nursing facility and assisted living facility stays from 90 to 360 days
  • no prior hospitalization required
  • pays in addition to other health insurance
  • easy access to benefits--just be unable to perform two of these activities of daily living (bathing, eating, toileting, dressing, transferring)
  • *"The Long Term Care Handbook," 1996, Jeff Sadlers

I'm 64 and ready to go on Medicare -- how can I cover what Medicare doesn't -- like deductibles and co-insurance costs which come out of my pocket?

Medicare Supplement
Rely on Central States Health and Life a company providing Medicare Supplement insurance since 1966 -- to help you cover what Medicare doesn't. They offer plans A, B, C, D and F.

What sets Central States Health and Life apart from the other companies?

  • your choice of doctor
  • foreign travel benefit -- if plans C or F are chosen
  • no confusing claim forms -- we provide electronic claims filing in most states
  • toll-free Customer Service Center -- call our friendly and accessible Customer Service representatives with any questions you may have
  • Neither Central States nor its agents are connected with or endorsed by Medicare.

I've been retired for several years -- I want to make sure there's enough money after I'm gone to cover my funeral expenses and medical bills. What's the right life insurance protection for me?

Senior Whole Life
Here's an opportunity for an immediate and permanent means of protection for you. Feel comfortable knowing your final expenses, transportation costs, and medical expenses will be taken care of without burdening your family. With Central States Health and Life's coverage:

  • you'll have a premium rate that never increases
  • your benefits will never decrease
  • no medical exam or attending physician statement is required

I'm interested in supplemental cancer insurance -- I've seen too many of my friends and relatives diagnosed with cancer to not be covered. I need coverage that will pay cash to me if I ever get cancer and need to be off work to get treatment.

Cancer & Specified Disease
Protect your financial future with the cash benefits of this coverage. (See Sherry's story -- a CSO policyowner who benefited from Central States' Cancer Insurance plan.)

  • pays cash directly to you to cover things like lost wages, child care and lodging while receiving treatment
  • pays in addition to any other medical coverage you have
  • provides chemotherapy, radiation, and radioactive isotopes therapy benefits
  • covers 30 specified diseases, in addition to cancer
  • experimental treatment coverage
  • Central States also offers the opportunity to purchase this plan and many other supplemental plans through the worksite.


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