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Catholic Family - Life Insurance

Catholic Family Life - The Fraternal Difference

The concept of fraternalism is based on the principle of brotherhood, the genuine humane concern for others. This is the philosophy upon which Catholic Family Life Insurance was founded.

As a non-profit fraternal benefit society, Catholic Family provides security to members through affordable insurance and annuity plans, value-added fraternal benefits, and branch affiliation, which allows members to help each other and people in their communities in time of need.

Responding to Changing Needs
Inspired by Bishop Henni's concern for others, Catholic Family has a rich tradition of benevolent activity. Since 1868, the Society and its members have supported charitable, religious, educational, and patriotic endeavors through programs which assist individuals, communities, and the nation.

While many of the concerns that originally brought Catholic Family members together are no longer evidenced, contemporary issues have taken their place. Participation in remodeling and new construction projects, co-sponsored by Catholic Family and Habitat for Humanity International, provide affordable housing for the poor. Support of pro-life programs, child abuse prevention, and drug awareness education are just a few of the other social programs Catholic Family and its members have sponsored to address the concerns of modern society.

The Fraternal System is Unique
All fraternal benefit societies, whether ethnic, religious, vocational, or general in origin, share basic guidelines of organization. Fraternal benefit societies provide insurance protection; have a representative form of government which gives members a voice in the society's operation; are represented by a system of local branches; and operate for the mutual benefit of their members on a not-for-profit basis.

Catholic Family Life Insurance - Benefits of Membership

Members of Catholic Family are more than just policyholders. The Society belongs to them and they are able to become involved in the Society at various levels. The Society was founded by Catholics, for Catholics, and the best interest of the membership is always their main concern.

Fraternal Enrichment Programs
In addition to providing financial security through insurance and annuity programs, Catholic Family members become eligible to apply for a number of value-added fraternal benefits.* Members of the Society can apply for benefits such as the First Communion Benefit, Catholic Retreat Benefit, Scholarships, Summer Camp Programs, Orphan Benefits, NewBorn Benefits, Medic Alert IDs, Home Eye Tests, and a First-Time Home Buyers Guide--all at no additional cost. In addition to those listed here, members benefit from special discount and travel programs. They also receive the full-color quarterly magazine, The Family Friend, to keep them informed about Society events and programs, as well as other topics of interest to Catholics.

Financial Protection for Catholics

The Products of Choice*
The products Catholic Family Life develop and offer are the products of choice for your family's specific needs. They offer an outstanding portfolio of products. Following are brief overviews of some of their most popular products. For more information and plan details, please contact their home office or a Catholic Family representative.

Traditional Life Insurance Plans
Whole Life Insurance provides permanent life insurance protection. An array of policy riders enable you to customize a policy for your specific needs.

Lifestyle Universal Life
Lifestyle Universal Life is life insurance with flexibility. You can adjust your premium payments and policy death benefits according to your changing needs. By properly using this flexibility, one policy can serve multiple life insurance needs. This gives you simplicity and efficiency in your life insurance program.

Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance provides protection for a specified time period (term). Because there are no cash value accumulations with term insurance, the premiums at any given issue age are temporarily lower than for a comparable amount of permanent insurance. Term insurance is ideally suited for meeting temporary protection needs such as providing your family with an income or paying off a mortgage should you die during the term period.

Annuities & IRAs
An annuity is a savings vehicle, used primarily for retirement planning. Money is kept on deposit at interest until distribution is desired. Benefits include guaranteed safety, liquidity, deferred income tax, and competitive interest. Annuities may be established as an IRA, and may be used for allowable pension rollovers and tax-deductible retirement savings.

Disability Income Protection
Provides a reliable source of replacement income regardless of the type of disability. That's an important promise since you can choose your disability insurance but you cannot choose your disability. Accident and sickness fall into five general categories.

JumpStart! Juvenile Term
JumpStart! gives children a start on the road to financial responsibility. JumpStart! provides $10,000 in term life insurance coverage to age 25, for children ages 0-17--for only $25 a year. It protects a child's future insurability by offering conversion at age 16 or older to a regular permanent policy of up to $25,000--regardless of health (if the policy has been in force for at least two years). In addition, JumpStart! enrollees become eligible to apply for Catholic Family's fraternal benefits programs at no additional cost. For a child or grandchild, it can be the beginning of his or her financial estate.

P.O. Box 11563,
Wisconsin 53211-0563

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