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Canada Life Financial Corporation -
Life Insurance

About Canada Life Financial Corporation

Since 1847 Canada Life has grown and prospered to become one of the largest and most profitable insurance companies in Canada. They are among the top Canadian life insurers and the top 30 North American insurers. Canda Life Financial Corporation provide services to more than ten million policyholders throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Maintaining financial strength and stability while they grow and serve the changing needs of the marketplace has always been fundamental to their management approach. Their conservative management practices have served their policyowners well in both good and bad economic times.

Today we see a renewed focus on the ability of a financial institution to deliver on its obligations. The value of Canada Life's conservative business judgement has never been more apparent or more important. And it has notgone unnoticed. Canada Life consistently earn high ratings from independent financial ratings agencies, including Standard and Poor's, A.M. Best Company and Moody's.

They are proud of their record of financial stability. It is a tradition on which they intend to build. It is Canada Life's commitment to you.

Canada Life is a member of CompCorp, a federally incorporated private company established in 1988 to administer the Consumer Protection Plan.

Canada Life Financial Corporation - Life Insurance Products

When you plan for the future, one of the things you count on is continued income for yourself and your family. Without this income, your family's lifestyle and standard of living may be at at risk. Should you die prematurely, a new source of regular income will have to be found. Most Canadians use life insurance to address this problem. Life insurance creates an instant estate to support your family in case of your premature death. In addition to providing a tax-free benefit upon death, life insurance has many other applications. It can be a vehicle to provide:

• A considerable bequest to your favourite charity
• A starter insurance plan for your child - Youth Plan Juvenile Insurance
• Keyperson protection if your business loses an important employee
• Buy sell protection
• Mortgage protection
• Additional income to supplement your retirement.
• Protection for your personal business - Business Continuation Insurance

There are various types of life insurance available to today's buyer. Canada Life is proud to offer a complete portfolio of insurance products designed to meet your current and future needs. At Canada Life they offer:

A) Preferred Term Insurance Designed to meet the needs of individuals and families, our preferred term product, Simply Preferred provides Ten Year and Twenty Year Term plans with a guaranteed and level amount of insurance. It is no secret that good health and cost of life insurance go hand in hand. However, in today's marketplace many insurance products have not addressed the correlation between good health and insurance premiums. Simply Preferred does.

B) Whole Life Insurance Provides guaranteed level premiums and guaranteed insurance coverage for life. The level premium is higher than initial term insurance premiums, but this higher premium contributes toward a significant tax-deferred savings component. Canada Life offers several permanent Whole Life Insurance Plans.

C) Universal Life Insurance Another form of permanent insurance, Universal Life Insurance, offers the security of life insurance with a highly flexible tax-deferred investment component. Whatever your insurance and financial needs, Canada Life has a plan for you. Their sales associates are well equipped to help you achieve the best in insurance flexibility and protection. Canada Life look forward to bringing protection to your life.

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