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CPIC Life - Life Insurance

About CPIC Life

  • Founded in 1954, CPIC Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Shield of California.
  • CPIC Life offers a full range of group insurance products, such as Group Term Life, Accidental
  • Death & Dismemberment, Vision, Stop Loss and more. *
  • These plans can be purchased on a stand-alone basis or to complement any Blue Shield of CA health plan.
  • CPIC Life also offers individual products such as our popular Short-Term Health Plans - Option
  • One and Option Twelve.

What Makes CPIC Life the Right Choice?
Consider these important company characteristics:

1. CPIC Life has built a reputation for superior flexibility and responsiveness.

  • Few insurance companies provide its customers the opportunity to deal directly with underwriters, senior management and even officers. CPIC Life not only give you that opportunity, they encourage it!
  • CPIC Life's centralized operations allow them to make timely changes in underwriting and pricing procedures to reflect market conditions.

2. CPIC Life is financially secure.

  • CPIC Life have earned an "Excellent" rating from A.M. Best Company.
  • CPIC Life have a higher ratio of assets and surplus funds to liabilities than the 25 largest accident and health insurers in the United States.

3. CPIC Life is committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

  • CPIC Life continuously enhance our performance through new technologies and improved processes.
  • CPIC Life hire, train and retain a staff of talented, professional individuals. They will make your relationship with CPIC Life both highly efficient, productive and enjoyable.

CPIC Life - Individual Term Life

An easy and affordable way to add Term Life Insurance coverage to your Blue Shield Individual and Family Health Plan.

  • Available In Three Coverage Amounts - $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000
  • Portable - even if you leave the state or cancel your Blue Shield coverage after six months of continuous coverage, you can keep your Term Life insurance
  • Available For primary subscribers of Blue Shield of California Individual and Family Health Plans

Plan Details

Individual Term Life Insurance
The Easy, Affordable Alternative Life Just Got Easier

Now is the time to add the security of $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000 in Individual Term Life Insurance to your coverage portfolio. As a subsidiary of Blue Shield of California, CPIC Life has made it easy and affordable for Blue Shield subscribers to get the Term Life Insurance they need. Here's how:

  • You are eligible - Individual Term Life Insurance coverage is available to primary subscribers (age 1 through 64) of any Blue Shield of California health plan for individuals and families including YouthCare subscribers. Members of Blue Shield supplemental Medicare plans are not eligible.
  • You only need to complete one application - If you apply at the same time you apply for Blue Shield coverage and request Life Insurance, you will be considered using the information on your health application. Otherwise, you will be resopnsible for completing a brief Evidence of Good Health form.
  • Your coverage goes where you go - After six months of continuous coverage, if you leave California or discontinue your Blue Shield coverage you can keep your CPIC Life policy.
  • You'll receive one, combined bill for your health and Life Insurance.
  • You must be satisfied - If you are not satisfied, you may return your policy within 10 days (30 days if you are age 60 through 64) for a full refund.

Extra Protection Without the Extra Paperwork
Applying for Individual Term Life Insurance couldn't be easier. As you are completing your health plan Application, simply complete Part 9. Be sure to indicate your desired coverage amount and your beneficiary, and sign your name. If coverage is approved, your Blue Shield and CPIC Life effective dates will be the same.

If you choose to apply after you are approved for a Blue Shield health plan, you must request a CPIC Life Evidence of Good Health form. This form may be downloaded here or obtained by calling Blue Shield at (800) 431-2809. If coverage is approved, your CPIC Life effective date will be the first day of the month following approval.

Affordable Rates
CPIC Life believe Individual Term Life Insurance is so important that it shouldn't be too expensive. Your Blue Shield/CPIC Life premiums will be billed together on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on your preference.

50 Beale Street,
San Francisco,
CA 94105

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