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CGU Life - Life Insurance

About CGU Life

Welcome to CGU Life Insurance Company of America, part of the CGNU plc Group, the oldest continuously operating insurance company in the world.

Through CGU's national network of independent agents, they are a leader in the annuity and life insurance industry. With a broad portfolio of Life Planning Services - called Generations - they offer comprehensive products for all of your financial planning needs.

CGU have excellent ratings: A+ (Superior) for financial strength by A. M. Best Company - a standard bearer in the industry, and a financial strength rating of AA- (Very High) by Fitch (formerly Duff and Phelps). Learn more about CGU!

If you are interested in a career with CGU Life, visit their employment listings area. Available positions will be posted there, as well as instructions on how to inquire about a particular job.

If you are unable to locate the information you require, please contact CGU directly for further assistance.

CGU Life Insurance Company of America is part of CGNU plc, the oldest continuously operating insurance company in the world. CGNU's history dates back to 1696 with the formation of The Hand in Hand Fire and Life Assurance Society which was founded in London, England. CGNU, formed in May 2000 by the merger of CGU and Norwich Union, has become one of the top ten insurance companies in the world with operating divisions in over 50 countries.

For over 300 years the CGNU companies have been of service to millions of clients around the globe and have never once reneged upon an agreement. CGU Life promises its customers that they will receive the full benefit of an organization founded and still run today on the principles of honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness.

CGU Life Planning

Presenting Generations...a comprehensive financial program developed by CGU Life to bring you and your family financial security, safety, and peace of mind as you move through each generation of your life. CGU believe Generations to be structured like no other series of life insurance and annuity products available to you today.

This program is uniquely designed to adapt and grow to meet your financial needs as they evolve through the various stages of your life. Whether it's the need to protect your family in the event of premature death, the need to insure a secure and comfortable retirement, or the need to transfer wealth from one generation to the next, Generations Life Planning is a portfolio of life insurance and annuity products designed to work separately or in combination to form the foundation of a comprehensive financial plan that will provide you and your family with a secure financial future.

As with all CGU Life products and services, Generations is backed by the CGU Life Promise of Integrity.

Family Protection
You can make sure that the loss your family would suffer in the event of your untimely death is not compounded by the additional loss of financial security. Peace of mind comes with knowing your family will always be provided for. And that's why CGU offer a range of life insurance policies to safeguard their financial well-being.

Capital Preservation
You've worked hard for your money. Make sure it's doing the same for you. Through a unique combination of life insurance and annuity products, Generations provides you with a variety of tax-advantaged options to ensure that your money is doing all it can for your long-term security.

Retirement Funding
The challenge is to enjoy the fruits of your life's labors while maintaining the standard of living you've grown accustomed to. To that end, Generations offers a number of tax-deferred, accumulation-oriented life insurance vehicles to supplement social security and your existing retirement savings plan.

Income Enhancement
Once you're retired, you should be able to reap the rewards of years of working and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. Taking advantage of the flexibility of our immediate annuities can help you maximize your net spendable income without sacrificing safety.

Estate Planning
Your estate represents your life's work. But without careful planning, much of what you've built can be lost to estate taxes and, without liquidity, can place an undue burden on your heirs. CGU's Joint and Last Survivor products are specifically designed to address your estate planning concerns.

108 Myrtle Street,
North Quincy,
Massachusetts 02171

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