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BudgetLife - Life Insurance

About BudgetLife

Interlinx, LLC, launched BudgetLife, an Internet service for life insurance consumers, in 1996. The BudgetLife website is host to the first Web-based compilation of competitive life insurance rates. In 1998, BudgetLife implemented the first instant-quote system to use the Compulife database of 150 term life insurance companies. BudgetLife does not sell life insurance, nor is it affiliated with any life insurance company.

BudgetLife is a service for life insurance consumers. They don't sell life insurance, nor are they affiliated with any life insurance company. The purpose of their website is to provide their visitors with information about life insurance. BudgetLife uses the Compulife database of 150 term life insurance companies to locate the lowest rates for a consumer's specified age and gender. The Expert Quoting System then presents a short list of questions to select the rates for which the consumer qualifies.

BudgetLife - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on my life insurance?
Paying for life insurance is painful, but few can do without it. The key is to buy life insurance only for losses, such as your income, that you or your family cannot replace. Avoid narrowly defined life insurance policies that only cover specific loss of life, such as accidents, plane crashes or cancer. You're better off with insurance for any loss of life for a small increase in premium.

What types of Life Insurance are available?
Term insurance, also called temporary insurance, covers a person against death for a limited time, known as the term. For example, the term might be until children are grown, or until college is paid for, or until retirement. You pay for the coverage period and at the end of the term the contract, or policy, expires. If no claims are made against the policy during the term, you don't receive any benefits after the policy expires, just like auto or homeowners' insurance. Whole Life insurance, also called permanent insurance, is permanent and does not expire (assuming you continue to pay the premiums). It provides coverage similar to term insurance, but it also provides an investment vehicle. A portion of the premium goes toward insuring your life while the other goes toward an investment account. This investment account can be either an interest bearing account or a stocks and bonds investment account.

How do I find the best Life Insurance?
Do some product research first, using a service like BudgetLife, and then select a life insurance agent based on criteria such as trust, experience, and access to a wide selection of products and tools. Your goal should be to find, and then stick with, an agent who can help you put together the best possible protection plan for your specific needs.


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