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Boston Mutual Life - Life Insurance

Boston Mutual Life Vision Statement

For five years Boston Mutual Life have remained true to their new vision. Bston Mutual Life want to be "the best niche marketer of insurance products and services". This new vision was not a change for Boston Mutual, but it did focus their efforts on what they needed to accomplish to make them successful now and in the future. During 2000 Boston Mutual continued to make progress toward their vision. Boston Mutual realize the fruits of a successfully implemented Core Benefits strategy in Worksite Marketing, and they greatly increased agent recruiting in General Agency, especially those agents who are already in their niche markets. In Group, they saw the sales success of their focus on core products and quality producers.

In 2001 Boston Mutual Life will continue to serve their niche markets in their efforts to be the best niche marketer of insurance products and services.

Boston Mutual Life - Ethical Market Conduct

For over 100 years, Boston Mutual has been providing affordable insurance coverages to working people. Boston Mutual Life are committed to the promises they have made to their customers.

To preserve the trust you have placed in them, they pledge the following:

  • To safeguard the welfare of their customers;
  • To retain professional, ethical, well-trained people to sell and service their products;
  • To provide you with product information that is clear and honest;
  • To ensure that their sales representatives offer products suited to your insurance needs and financial objectives;
  • To adhere to all insurance laws and regulations;
  • To deliver prompt, accurate, and courteous service;
  • To respect the confidentiality of information you share with Boston Mutual Life;
  • To resolve any dispute you may have with Bston Mutual Life quickly and fairly

Why Choose Boston Mutual Life

Here are Three Important Reasons ...

1. The Company
Founded in 1891, Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company has a proud history of solid financial performance.

2. Their Products
Boston Mutual is dedicated to maintaining high quality products by providing innovative benefits specially designed to meet their clients' cost objectives and their employees' needs.

3. Their Service
Boston Mutual has a strong commitment to service. In all their sales divisions, their plans come with the support of an exceptional team of sales and services representatives. Boston Mutual Life customers are important to them and they show it through exceptional service.

Individual Products
- Policies:

Ordinary Life
Boston Mutual Life's participating Ordinary Life policy provides life insurance protection for the lifetime of the insured. Level premiums are payable to age 100. (Dividend options afford flexibility of premiums and insurance benefits.) Minimum policy $1,000.

Ideally suited for the individual who seeks a smaller face amount and hassle-free underwriting. The limited face amount available ($2,500 to $25,000) makes PremierLife a great choice for Final Expense protection. The short application and the lack of additional medical requirements are the quintessential elements of a simplified issue policy.

LifePlus Accumulator
The LifePlus Accumulator policy is an Interest Sensitive Endowment at 95 contract. Premiums are guaranteed and level and cash values are credited with current interest. Minimum issue $25,000.

UltimaLife 1 & 2
A flexible premium Universal Life policy that allow changes in premiums and death benefits during the lifetime of an insured within the same policy.

10 and 20 year level premium term insurance policies. Five underwriting classes provide opportunity for lower rates for healthy applicants.

Annual Renewable Term
The Annual Renewable Term policy provides term insurance protection which can be renewed annually without evidence of insurability until age 80. Premiums increase each year, based on the attained age of the insured, but will never be more than the guaranteed premiums stated in the policy. Conversion credits are allowed during the first six policy years.

Ultima Decreasing Term
A 15, 20 or 30 year competitively priced Decreasing Term product designed for today's mortgage holder, offering the flexibility to choose from three amortization schedules. It provides decreasing term protection at level premiums. 80% of the in-force face amount is convertible up to the conversion date. When combined with the Disability Income Rider, the Decreasing Term policy makes an excellent mortgage protection package. In many states, it is available with a loss of employment rider.

Level Term to Age 65
The Level Term to Age 65 policy provides term insurance protection to age 65 of the insured. Guaranteed premiums are level and payable to age 65 of the insured. The full face amount is convertible up to age 60.

Disability Income
Short Term Accident & Sickness or Accident Only coverage. Non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable - 30 month maximum benefit - choice of elimination periods - maximum benefit $4,000/month depending on income and occupation. Three occupational classes.

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