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Beneficial Life - Life Insurance

About Beneficial Life

Every strong company has a good track record. Learn how Beneficial Life's history has contributed to their strength.

How is Beneficial Life financially securing your future?

Living longer, healthier lives translates into lower costs of insurance. Beneficial Life are then able to pass this savings along to you through lower premiums.

Obtain information on Beneficial Life's safety, consistency, and performance.

Learn how Beneficial Life's low-risk investment portfolio ensures the safety of your money.

Find out why Beneficial Life's reputation as one of the nation's strongest insurers is a result of their commitment to their core values.

Understand how Beneficial Life is strengthening their communities through charitable contributions.

Beneficial Life named a member of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association.

Beneficial Life's History

At the very core of Beneficial Life, they believe that a family's trust is sacred and that their obligations are binding. This is a conviction they inherited from their founders and have followed since their incorporation in 1905.

Honoring Commitments
Beneficial Life have always operated profitably, a rare feat among insurance companies and one that historically has protected families through economic and historic hardships.

For example, Beneficial Life filled requests for loans and surrender payments during the stock market crash of 1929 and the resulting economic depression of the 1930s, without ever resorting to a moratorium or a deferral of cash payments, as allowed by state insurance laws.

During both World Wars, Beneficial Life protected families by paying all claims for insureds who died serving their country. They did this at a time when most life insurance companies invoked policy war clauses to deny such payments.

Honoring their commitments is one reason for their strength. And with that strength, Beneficial Life believe, come other opportunities and obligations.

Beneficial Life Products

Whole Life—Protect Your Family With Guaranteed Benefits

Optimax and Optimax Plus are Beneficial Life's guaranteed whole life products. The premiums never increase, and the death benefit is guaranteed to be there when your family needs it. You can help protect your family's future in several ways with these dividend-paying policies:

  • Replace lost income. Life insurance protects those who depend on you. Providing for survivors' needs means your family can stay in their home, go to school, and achieve their goals.
  • Provide a tax-free death benefit. Your whole life insurance can pay for funeral expenses and outstanding debts and provide estate liquidity to pay taxes. Your beneficiary normally receives the death proceeds free of income tax, if the policy is properly structured.
  • Use dividends to accumulate cash or reduce premiums. You can use your policyowner dividends as you choose. For example, you can accumulate cash, reduce your premiums, pay off a policy loan, buy term insurance, or help fund your children's education.
  • Provide an accelerated benefit for terminal illness. Optimax policies include a no-cost endorsement provision that allows up to 80 percent of the eventual death benefit to be paid to the policyowner upon satisfactory evidence that the insured is terminally ill and likely to die within six months. (Not available in all states).

Universal Life - Beneficial Life Offers You Several Choices in Flexible Coverage

Universal Life (UL) is a popular variation of permanent (whole life) insurance. The following UL policies offer you the security and cash accumulation of whole life combined with flexible premiums and adjustable benefits:

  • Competitor universal life has competitively low premiums. This Beneficial Life product provides both insurance protection and long-term cash accumulation.
  • Champion universal life is designed especially for large, lump-sum premiums. It has a high crediting rate and rapid, early cash value growth.
  • Legacy Survivor second-to-die universal life is excellent for retirement and estate planning, including wealth transfer and payment of estate taxes.
  • MoneyGuard® from First Penn-Pacific Life Insurance Company, is a "linked-benefit" universal life policy with riders that prepay the death benefit and more for long-term care.
  • Variable Universal Life* combines life insurance with professionally managed investment sub-accounts.
  • Survivorship Variable Universal Life combines a death benefit with professionally managed investment sub-accounts.

Variable Universal Life - VariTrak Variable Universal Life Combines Insurance Benefits With Investment Options

VariTrak is variable universal life (VUL) insurance. VUL is the fastest-growing segment of today's life insurance industry. Why? Because it combines the protection of permanent life insurance with the investment advantages of professionally managed sub-accounts.

Investment Earnings

  • Over 25 sub-account choices, managed by an elite group of advisory companies, give you a broad selection. Variable accounts are managed by the following: American Century, Fidelity Investments, Fred Alger Management, Inc., Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Neuberger Berman, Sentinel Advisors Company, and Strong.

36 South State Street,
Salt Lake City,
UT 84136

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