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Bankers Fidelity Life - Life Insurance

About Bankers Fidelity Life

Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company (BFLIC) is a wholly owned but separate entity of Atlantic American Corporation.

BFLIC is well known throughout the industry as an innovative leader in the senior market. They are extremely proud of their reputation as a company dedicated to the principles of the independent agency distribution system with agents who have more than 20 years of uninterrupted service with BFLIC. These agents and those who continue to join them represent BFLIC with the assurance of knowing that the business they place today will still be delivering dividends in the form of renewal commissions for years to come. With a home office staff averaging more than eight years service per employee, you can rest assured that your needs as well as those of your clients will be handled by knowledgeable, qualified employees who enjoy their work and understand that you are their primary customer.

Small things like Bankers Fidelity Life's commitment to doing business without voice mail is what helps distinguish them from their competitors. When you or your clients call for service you can rest assured that an employee will answer ready to serve! In addition to a solid reputation as a leader in the senior market, in recent years BFLIC has expanded marketing operations to the worksite marketing arena offering a complete product line of voluntary life and health products as well as full Section 125 support.



Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company (BFLIC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantic American Corporation was officially named a charter member of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) on April 7, 1998.

IMSA is an independent, voluntary association created by the life insurance industry to promote high standards of ethical market conduct in advertising, sales, and service for Individually sold life insurance and annuity products. In order to become an IMSA member, a company must adopt IMSA's six Principles of Ethical Market Conduct, perform a rigorous self-assessment, and undergo an assessment by an outside, independent examiner approved by IMSA.

Eugene Choate, President of Bankers Fidelity Life, who contributed early support for the creation of this important association said, "We are very proud that our company is recognized as one that strives to operate in a very ethical manner. Highly ethical business practices have always been a top priority of our company and the IMSA certification confirms to our valued customers that they are being treated fairly and ethically."

Bankers Fidelity Life Products

Senior Security Series
Senior Security Preferred Medicare Supplement (Plans A, B, C and F)

Senior Security Standard Medicare Supplement (Plans A, B, C, D and F)

  • Coverage available to Medicare Disability applicants

Senior Security Preferred Whole Life

  • Issue Ages 45 to 85
  • Immediate Death Benefit
  • Face Amounts from $1,000 to $30,000
  • Simplified Issue jet underwriting
  • Very competitive rates due to preferred, non-tobacco use underwriting

Senior Security Whole Life

  • Issue Ages 45 to 85
  • Immediate or Modified death benefit determined by answers to health questions
  • Face Amounts from $1,000 to $20,000
  • Simplified Issue jet underwriting with liberal health questions for immediate death benefit

Senior Security Short-Term Care nursing home plan

  • Affordable alternative for the majority of seniors who cannot afford LTC coverage
  • Provides up to $150 a day of nursing home coverage
  • Covers all levels of care including custodial and cognitive impairments
  • Benefit periods of 180 or 360 days
  • Benefit restoration with six-months confinement free
  • Excellent companion product to the Preferred Medicare Supplement plans

Combination Application/Combination Selling
Bankers Fidelity Life utilizes a combination application for all of the company's preferred Senior Security plans, (Medicare Supplement, final expense and Short-Term Care nursing home plans). This allows the agent to use one application to sell any combination of these products. In addition to the combination application, the company utilizes rates that combine varying face amounts of life insurance or short-term nursing home care with the company's preferred Medicare Supplement plan. This innovation allows the agent to sell one of the most competitively priced Medicare Supplement plans on the market and add life insurance or short-term nursing home insurance using a single rate.

Supplemental Health Products
Afford-A-Care (basic hospital/medical coverage)

Accident Expense (available with 16 week disability coverage)

Cancer Coverage (designed to allow agent to tailor treatment benefit and daily hospital benefit to meet client's budget)

Disability Income (blue collar disability with 1 and 2 year benefit)

Med-I-Flex (medical indemnity plan with base benefit of $50 per office visit for each family member. Only available in worksite market)

Traditional Life Products
(10 Pay Whole Life with increasing term rider and annuity rider, beginning the second year, currently paying 8%; guaranteed 4.5%)

Ordinary Whole Life Products
(Level Whole Life, Single Premium, 20 Pay and LP65)

Term Products
(10 level term)

Family Life Protector Series
(Specified Face Amounts from $5,000 to $50,000 available with family and children term riders)

Worksite Products
All of the company's products are available for worksite marketing. The company provides full Section 125 administration for all eligible plans.

4370 Peachtree Rd.,
GA 30319-3008

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